Comcast must die

No internet, no TV at my apartment. I have been in Ann Arbor since Friday and I haven’t been able to watch a single catdamned game. The reason for this is the fact that Comcast is evil, smells like feet, is evil, has herpes, kills babies, is the White Sox, is evil, and won’t hook up my cable for evil, Comcastish reasons of its own. Comcast must die.

I am in the Union right now, making use of the University internet, and I just watched the end of the Red Sox/Wrong Sox game on (a service that, unlike Comcast, is not made of evil). In the bottom of the 10th inning, Carlos Pena comes up to the plate. And promptly smacks a walk-off home run.

Is that not sweet on every level of sweetness? Former, eminently likable Tiger doing well. Massachusetts boy having a huge moment in his own home park. Wrong Sox losing.

Pity I didn’t see the Tigers game, but I’ll be at Comerica tomorrow, assuming the art school doesn’t kill me and it doesn’t rain, two very very big assumptions. And hopefully Comcast will get its shoddy business together soon, so regular Roar of the Tigering can recommence in earnest.


3 responses to “Comcast must die

  1. Who says Carlos Pena never hits when it counts? After the game, he sounded like a giddy little boy. He said he has dreamed about hitting a walkoff for the Red Sox at Fenway since he was 12 years. He sounded like a dork, the kind of dork we appreciate here in the Boston area.

    I’m such a sucker for guys getting to play for teams they rooted for when they were kids.

  3. And here I was, about to make a joke about Carlos Pena hitting more late-season home runs for another team out of the race. Don’t get sucked in, New England! ;-)

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