the woe of Wilfredo

It was interesting, if rather agonizing, to see Ledezma stick around in the dugout even after all his baserunners had come around to score. Usually guys wait to see how much damage is going to be done to their ERA, then they book it for the clubhouse. Ledezma seemed intent on beating himself up over it, though.

And I have to say, I’ve never seen anyone dismantle their own hat, rip off the brim, and then start tearing out threads with their teeth like a rabid squirrel. I think it’s safe to say that Ledezma felt pretty upset about his performance.

Nothing seemed to go right. Too many dinky little Twinkie hits bouncing across the turf for extra bases, too many Tigers left on base. And that ball that tipped off of Inge’s glove was killer. Ugh. And then he goes and sticks his throwing hand between a base and an oncoming set of spikes.

Still, all is not lost. Maybe Nate can get some run support tonight.


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