all gummed up

Yeah, maybe we could get some run support for Nate, OR we could just ONCE AGAIN fail to do much of ANYTHING at the plate when he pitches a GREAT F’IN GAME.

Why? Why does this keep happening to him?? What did he do to make the entire offense hate him so much? One earned run, ONE, and he can’t get a freakin’ win. He can’t even get a no-decision! This is BLEEDIN’ RIDICULOUS.

I think it’s the Gum Time thing. When the team needs a rally they gather along the rail, led by Nate, and shove gum into their mouths. We’ve all seen it. In fact, there’s been a lot more team unity this season than I remember seeing in a long, long time; when I was at the game a few nights ago, I saw all the bullpen guys standing on the bench with rally caps on, which is something you usually see in the stands, not on the field.

But when Nate’s the one pitching, he can’t very well hang out on the rail and chew so much gum his mouth can’t close properly. Is anyone else leading the Gum Time rally-mongering when he’s pitching? I bet they aren’t. Or at least they aren’t doing it with the right amount of insane optimism that Nate brings to the practice.

I’m really at a loss to explain the behavior of this offense when Nate’s on the hill otherwise.

Pudge had a couple hits, at least… he’s been pretty quietly having a nice season for himself. There are a lot of catchers this year having good offensive seasons, actually. There are only 5 catchers with a higher average than Pudge: Joe Mauer of course, Brian McCann, Johnny Estrada, the troubled Paul Lo Duca, and Victor Martinez. I’d definitely say that Pudge is the best defensive catcher of that lot, ‘tho of course it’s still kind of early to definitively say much about McCann or even Mauer. But for Pudge to be his usual self behind the plate, and to be hitting so well, and to be stealing so many bases (tied with Mauer for second-most among catchers… Russ Martin and Jason Kendall are tied for first), that’s quite a feat, especially at his age.

Of course let us not speak of his K/BB ratio, which is behind only Miguel Olivo and Eliezer Alfonzo in terms of sheer utter awfulness. Mauer’s is the best… he’s the only starting catcher in baseball who’s logging more walks than strikeouts, which is kind of freaking insane. But that’s to be expected, for Pudge and the Tigers.

I watched the Lions game today instead of trying to follow the Tigers. I just saw the score and don’t really want to know anything else. I don’t know what’s the matter with Bondo. Fatigue from pitching so late into the season? He is still pretty young. Staying up too much with the new baby? Just one of those random slumps that happen every so often? And of course the offense did nothing whatsoever to help, ‘tho it’s less annoying today than it was yesterday, because with Santana on the mound at least it’s understandable.

This needs to stop, and it needs to stop now. We’ve got an offday tomorrow, and the Tigers had bloody well better use the time to get their heads on straight and their posteriors in line.


One response to “all gummed up

  1. The Tigers have been terrrible of late, but as the schedule softness over the final three weeks, we will make the playoffs. Bank on it!

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