my roommate thinks the announcers were talking about Kenny Rogers the singer

Man, we needed that. We needed that so badly. Especially with the Twins coming back to win against Oakland, thanks for nothing Joe Kennedy. At least we stayed in a holding pattern. Every day that we manage to do that now is one day closer to… uh, fall. Right, you know, autumn, colored leaves, pumpkins, irritation when it snows in a month that seems unfairly early. That’s all I’m thinking about.

It was such a relief to see one of our starters FINALLY get some backup. Kenny was pitching a monster of a game and so was Padilla. I was fairly impressed with Padilla’s stuff or, more precisely, the variety of his stuff, but quite frankly the Tigers have been making a lot of pitchers look like bloody geniuses lately. Kenny deserved this one, very much so, but it would’ve been more just to see Nate get a win, simply because Nate has been getting a big fat lot of nothing from the bats for a while now. I realize I just wrote about that but I can’t stop harping on it because it’s pissing me off so much.

What worries me, heading into this final stretch, is the “what have you done lately” effect. If you just looked at the records of the Twins and the Tigers you’d find them very similar. But the Twins have been winning an absurd lot lately, and the Tigers have been losing. So the Twinkies probably “feel” like a better team right now than the Tigers do, even though on cold dead tree skin they’re close to the same thing.

Who would’ve thought, with the way we were playing earlier in the year, that we’d be sitting hunched over in front of our TVs, hanging on every pitch and biting our nails down to our knuckles at this point?

Then again, last year, who would’ve thought we’d be here at all?


3 responses to “my roommate thinks the announcers were talking about Kenny Rogers the singer

  1. I should have been there. :( I could have been there and seen the walkoff live. *mopes*

  2. Walkoffs live are somethin’ else, man. I’ve never seen a Tiger walkoff, but I’ve been there for a couple Red Sox David Ortiz specials. You know how he does.

  3. You see that your boy Inge hit a grand slam tonight?

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