a wild card for some wild beasties

Click to get the full force of the sad baby tigers. You see, guys? YOU MADE THE BABY TIGER CUBS CRY.

Honestly? I’m glad we’re in the playoffs, I think we’ve already covered that. But, ugh. UGH. What a terrible way to stumble in. We lose, in extra innings, to the Royals, after being up by a huge number of runs, while wasting away our entire bullpen AND Kenny Rogers. And Bondo did not look good, which I’m sure will be GREAT for his postseason confidence. Same with Zumaya; he hasn’t looked great for a few days now.

Jonesy I’m less worried about. Yes, he gave up the go-ahead run at the time, but I think he knows what he’s doing and can bounce back to his usual rollercoaster self. Zumaya, I don’t know. He’s so young. If he goes into October on the backs of a few fairly awful outings, what’s that gonna do to him? Ugh. UGH.

So in our bullpen, even with the expanded roster, who in there did I trust today? Grilli and Miner and Miller all pitched yesterday so they weren’t available. I guess Jamie maybe would’ve been available, but for what, one batter? I don’t think Maroth is back yet. Zumaya I am worrying about, mentally even if physically he’s fine (and who knows, with his wrist). Fernando had no control today. Todd Jones didn’t have it. TRUST NO ONE.

Oh, but when Inge hit his two-run homer into the bullpen, Grilli picked it up and started screaming and pumping his fist like a crazy person, which got Rod Allen all riled up, so Rod screamed, “CHEESE MAN GRILLI!” Now you tell me: was that a grilled cheese joke? Did Rod really go there? Can we get him a blog? Please?

Other bad things from this game:

We completed the elegant season bookend, where Bondo pitched the home opener at Comerica and lost, and then pitched the last game of the regular season at Comerica, and lost.

When Polanco got hit on the shoulder, I very nearly threw up. It had to be THAT SHOULDER, didn’t it?

Bondo’s slider was not doing good things today.

Inge’s terrible, air-out-of-the-balloon throw when Jones was pitching that resulted in a key run.

Bondo had… I’m not sure how to describe them, they were like little vestigial tufts on his chin. I’m hoping that they were just because it was a day game after a long, late-running night game and he was too beat to even shave, not the start of an attempt at a goatee. YOU AREN’T JUSTIN VERLANDER, Bondo. Wear facial hair accordingly.

Leaving…. the bases…. loaded…..

I hate the Twins. I hate Jimmy Gobble. I hate the Twins. I hate Jimmy Gobble.

Now we have to go into New York and play the Yankees. Argh.

Good things from this game:

Twenty-seven home runs on the season for Inge. Whoda thunk it, looking at him?

Matt Stairs’ giant, giant home run. Huge. Massive. It’s a pity he can’t be on the postseason roster.

Pudge ending the season with a .300 average. Good for him. That’s, what, 10 years now he’s had a .300 or better average? Show me that kinda longevity, Joe Mauer, and then I’ll be impressed.

The River Thames is at least alive, if not particularly lively.

Vance and Jonesy snuggling on the bench for long stretches of time.

Why I love Rod Allen: I love when Rod perfectly identifies a bunting situation. He sees it, he points it out verbally, he draws a little arrow on a wide shot of the diamond to show how much room the third baseman is giving up. And then Pudge bunts, and Rod is vindicated. Foul though, so now the third baseman moves in and Rod says something along the lines of, ‘Well Pudge is a career .300 hitter so now he can do what he wants.’ And Pudge singles up the middle for an RBI. And Rod Allen, for all his insanity, is so bleepin’ right that I love it sometimes.

Having the game at 8 pm instead of the 1 pm it would’ve been if they’d won the division means that I actually get to see the whole of it, something that I would not have been able to do if it was an afternoon start.

At least the Yankee bullpen is ripe for collapse. Proctor has been direly overused this year, Villone is on his way there if not there already, they’ve been resting Rivera but goodness knows how effective that’s been… and Kyle Farnsworth is a mess. Plus they may not have Randy Johnson at all. However, the lineup we’ll be facing from them is most decidedly NOT a good thing.

I know we’re in the playoffs, but still, uuugggghhhh.


7 responses to “a wild card for some wild beasties

  1. I know that when Gene Lamont calls for Grilli in the bullpen, he asks for the cheese man — it is a grilled cheese joke, I think.
    As far as I can tell, Zoom’s feeling okay. I’m sure he’s crazy-nervous, but while his velocity wasn’t so much there today, he got outs, which is the most important thing.

  2. So before the game, Nate’s in the dugout (standing next to me cuz I was where?? That’s right…the dugout…wooot and all that…) with a handful of Big League Chew, looked like a pack in every flavor. Going to throw them to the kids hanging over the edge of the railing. First pack he throws nails a photog in the back…”That one took a curve on me…”
    And he’s starting tomorrow….right? At Yankee Stadium…right?

  3. Earlier this week, I prematurely congratulated the Tigers and promised that the Twins would knock off the Yankees so that the ALCS would be an all-central-division matchup.
    Ok, so I was wrong (a little) and the Tigers imploded (a lot). It would still be cool to have those two meet in the ALCS. Go ahead and crush those NY prima donnas. Hey, at least your games are in prime time. MLB has utterly prostituted itself to the FOX/ESPN thugs.
    We forgive you Joe! (Mauer admitted that he “lied the whole time” when he kept insisting these last few weeks that the batting race wasn’t making him nervous.)
    Jim H.

  4. Last year the White Sox staggered into the playoffs, at which point they literally became unbeatable.
    In any event, this has been a great year-nobody suggested that the Tigers would be able to contend, let alone secure a playoff spot.
    I like the tiger cubs.

  5. Jesus christ, those tiger cubs make me sad. Did you put EYEBROWS on them? Good god girl, I can’t even look at it in the large size for more than like a minute before I start tearing up. That should be illegal.

  6. Re: The White Sox “staggering” into the playoffs.
    Last year, the White Sox won five games in a row to end the season. That included three against the surgering Cleveland Indians to fend off a possible upset in the Central. Overall, the 2005 White Sox won 8 of their last 10. Considering the Tigers lost five in a row, including a home sweep at the hands of the Royals and 31 of their last 50, I would say the comparisons are tenuous at best.

  7. A teamwide grilled cheese joke. This makes me so happy.
    Jim, yeah, I have to say that I do NOT understand how all the Yankee games are primetime and none of the Twins ones are… not that I want to see the Twins, personally speakin’, but in the spirit of fairness I just don’t understand it.
    The tiger cubs were fun to make, I must say. Even though they may traumatize.
    Oh sure, thanks Ben, pile it on. WE SHALL SEE.

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