are you ready for some POSTSEASON BASEBALL?

I am! And by ‘ready’ I of course mean ‘ready to be huddled in a cold sweat on my couch at promptly 8 pm tonight with half a bottle of wine and a pack of Big League Chew’. Thus do I arm myself against the Yankee menace.

In order to get you ready, however, I offer something much more genial.

Emily, West Michigan Whitecaps photographer extraordinaire, was at the last game of the season. And I don’t mean sitting in section X several million miles above field level. I mean IN THE PHOTO PIT. With the AP PHOTOGRAPHERS. Taking CRAZYGOOD PHOTOS.

You can see her shots from the game here, and I highly suggest that you go look at them, because if you’re anything at all like me (and cats help you if you are, actually) then it’s the sort of thing that you’ll greatly enjoy. If you pee yourself a little in sheer happiness at the sight of them, it’s OK, you’re allowed.

8 pm tonight, kids and kittens. Just remember that any ranting entries in the possible near future here are tempered, secretly, by the fact that I’m really glad we’re in the playoffs at all, honest, even if you can’t tell it from the potential howling pain which may fill these hypothetical entries.

Now it’s time to beat some Wang (joke: pathetic but inevitable)! GIVE NATE SOME RUN SUPPORT, BOYS!



4 responses to “are you ready for some POSTSEASON BASEBALL?

  1. Oriole fan here, go Tigers! Make the playoffs Yankee free!

  2. $142 for upper deck seats at yankee stadium. Completely worthwhile.

  3. Seats in the upper deck at Yankee Stadium? You are a brave soul. Stay safe and WOOT YES WE ARE BACK TIGERRRRRRRRS!

  4. Not a good start to the playoffs, but we certainly had our chances. Verlander needs to come up huge tonight.

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