immediate reaction: omg

I spent that entire 9th inning with my hands clamped around the brim of my hat, my eyes shut, hyperventilating, rocking back and forth. The entire inning.

Seriously, you guys. Not to be all internet-acronymly about it, but OH EM GEE.

I gotta get to class; the recap will be up later tonight.



3 responses to “immediate reaction: omg

  1. Hi Detroit fans! Great win today. This Orioles fan is cheering the Tigers on and hope they win the the next two so they can celebrate at home. Keep the faith!

  2. I was at the game. I had my granderson T shirt on. Right before he hit his game-winning triple, I had bought two beers and realized I was in the wrong section. I sat down in the aisle, and watched the at bat, and every fan was talking smack. He it the ball over matsui’s head, and EVERYONE shut up real quick. I slowly walked back down and over to the next section, everyone saw the name on the back of shirt. It was dead quiet. Of course, then I yelled “HE ALL GROWS UP!” “HE ALL GROWS UP!”
    Fantastic game.

  3. I got to watch the second half of the game in a TV lounge in the student union with about fifteen other guys I didn’t know, ALL of us clutching our hats and rocking back and forth in our seats and muttering. It was just an astonishing atmosphere — I kept wanting to look around at everybody and say Can you believe this? Can you believe this is happening? After the final out there was this crazy sort of sound — half sigh of relief, half roar. You know that sound.
    Then I had to run to class, too. A good day.

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