ALCS Game 2: This man is named Alexis Gomez. Fear him.

Yeah, I’m putting up the post about Game 2 an hour before Game 3. It’s been fairly nuts around here, so I’m not sorry at all.

Much like in Game 1, the Tiger starter wasn’t spectacular, but the Oakland pitching was worse and the offense got the job done, thus sending every sports announcer who has trotted out the stats about the Tigers’ regular season pitching– how it was the best in the league and therefore that’s how they’re going to win– into fits of temporary insanity. Verlander looked a lot less awesome against the As than he did against the Yankees, which hopefully says less about how Verlander’s arm is doing and more about how fun it is to point and laugh at the Yankee lineup when they get overconfident.

Neifi!!! fulfilled all our postseason hopes and dreams by going 0-for-5, although in all fairness he DID lay down a sac bunt in the 7th. It did not result in a run or anything but I’m sure there’s some old baseball dude out there somewhere who will nod sagely about the fundamentality of it all. Probably Dusty Baker.

The big stories, of course, were Zoom and Gomez. Alexis Gomez, who stepped up in a totally unexpected way that brings joy to the hearts of everyone in Detroit, going 2-for-4 with 4 (!!) RBI… a two-run single in the 4th followed by a two-run homer in the 6th. Alexis Gomez: the anti-Neifi? We shall see.

Zumaya was important in his absence. His wrist is acting up, again, as Nature apparently attempts to rebel against the fact that a human being is throwing, depending on what radar gun you believe, somewhere between 100 and 103 mph on a regular basis. Nature rejects this fact and is now trying to strike down a young man only just beginning to blossom into terrifying, well-paid baseball player full manliness. Only with Science can we defeat this menace. Without Zoom in the bullpen we lose a lot of the intimidation factor, not to mention his actual pitching, so I think we can all agree here: GO SCIENCE!

Was anyone else as depressed by the sight of Sean Casey’s jersey hanging in the dugout as I was? It’s like he’d died, jeez. WIN ONE FOR THE MAYOR.

If you needed another reason to hate Nick Swisher: not only did he go to tOSU, he was recruited before that by Notre Dame as a football player. This means that his evilness was not something that he acquired in college, because it was recognized and coveted by the Domers before even that. I spit upon you, Nick Swisher.

Harden/Rogers in about an hour, as the game got moved up to try and prevent actual deaths from hypothermia in the stands. It’s about 40 degrees out there right now, kids and kittens, and that’ll drop as it gets later. We had snow yesterday. Let’s hope that the cold weather will be harder on Richie’s muscular ailments than it will be on Kenny’s aged bits.


One response to “ALCS Game 2: This man is named Alexis Gomez. Fear him.

  1. I got to meet Alexis Gomez at Photo day. My mom immediately thinks about “Dynasty” with Alexis Carrington and her crew.

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