World freakin’ Series Game 2: Kenny Rogers Owns My Soul

was at this game. tired and incoherent. better post tomorrow (later today) probably.

kenny rogers was sick. SICK. had no idea what the deal with the umps coming out to talk to him was until the car ride home; no telling what’s going on from up in the 300 level. sure some cards fans will whine it was pine tar. he pitched great after he cleaned his hand off. no doubt. kenny rogers owns my soul. and yours.

never been to a world series game before. insane. INSANE. mostly: SO FREAKIN’ COLD. also, packed. also, towel waving looks much cooler in person than it does on tv.

brandon inge’s first postseason hit, and me there to see it in person. obviously it’s because he loves me.

sat next to a very loud, very friendly, very very drunk woman. craig monroe was her tiger.

players made a point of coming over and individually hugging alan trammell before the pregame ceremonies, don’t know if they showed that on tv or not. so cute. tram’s bald spot: ginormous when viewed from the 300 level. bondo came over to say hi to sparky anderson and shook his hand in a weird half-bow like he was in awe.

juan encarnacion got hella booed. also, many ‘weeeeeeaaaaavvvveeeerrrrr’ chants.

the sound in the ballpark when they replayed the pitch that bounced up and hit molina in the gonads was great. a kind of collective male squeal.

spotted jeannie zelasko wandering around the sideline before the game, was wondering who the dude with awful hair with her was. then i realized. ha ha, oh eric byrnes, the long black jacket is incapable of classing up that dead echidna on your noggin.

took photos, of course. 300 level, so they’re not great, but i took them anyways. in southfield for the night, can’t get the photos on the internet until probably much later monday. will post a link when they’re up.

so, so very tired. world series baseball in person. i still can’t quite believe it.

better post, and photos, eventually. caps, even, if you’re good.

6 responses to “World freakin’ Series Game 2: Kenny Rogers Owns My Soul

  1. Stay in the 300 level, Bobby Ucke! Dig some evidence and see the light. Lying, cheating, bullshitting abound.

  2. Steve Palermo suggested it could have been mud from the mound, or he could have had it on his hand in the bullpen. “There was no indication he was deliberately marking or discoloring the ball,” is what he said, IIRC, when one of the reporters quoted from the rulebook and asked why he wasn’t ejected. Kenny said no one talked to him about what was on his hand, that he noticed it between innings and wiped it off. Etc etc, much ado about nothing IMO, as Kenny owned their PANTS the rest of the game anyway.

  3. Oh yeah, and Kenny said the home plate umpire meeting with him was to tell him not to take so long between deliveries or something.

  4. It does seem that the only folks defending Rogers are Tigers fans right now.

  5. Hi Samara! I adore your blog and if I could watch games with you it would be Nirvana!! I wanted to write for sooo long but I am so ashamed of myself: my Curtis Crush. It is beyond “fan” and on to “crazy idol worshipper” stage. What am I to do??? I was there in 1984, and last night I placed my 1984 World Series card all aroud the TV: Sparky, Tram, Sweet Lou, Jack Morris, Willie Hernandez, DARRELL EVANS(!!), Chet Lemon, etc., plus I hung up my Paws dog tags that a friend gave me. That, along with my lucky earrings and my Curtis jersey gave us the win, I swear. I can’t take the stress. I am SICK of hearing about 2000, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, thank you. Can’t they lay off? I love my Tigs no matter what. By the way, your comment about Giambi’s disgusting hair was so comforting to me. I thought maybe it was just me, being too much of a girl. HOW GROSS!!! Has he not heard of shampoo???
    Maggs, Curtis, my darlings, I love you!!! Go Tigs!!!!!

  6. Yeah, itpyp, all that seems to make sense to me. I don’t know. I just can’t imagine if it was actually pine tar, they would let him alone.
    Ben, I dunno. All I’m hearing around here are Tigers fans. But if it was such a big deal, surely LaRussa would’ve insisted that something happen. This is a World Series game, I don’t think he would just pass up any opportunity to help his team out if he thought it at all possible.
    Christine, the media blathering on about past not-so-hot Tigers teams is just a reminder of how far we’ve come, think of it that way. And we’re not getting it nearly as bad as Red or White Sox fans did, with the “curses” on those teams. Nothing to be ashamed of about loving Granderson– he’s a heckuva Tiger. :P And yeah, Giambi is gross to all human beings.

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