World freakin’ Series Game 3: Cut up

That’s what Chris Carpenter did. He just absolutely chopped up and cut through our lineup. Nate didn’t pitch all that poorly, but we were just flat out dominated today. There’s little more that you can say.

Chris freakin’ Carpenter.

(anyone check him for pine tar?)
(kidding, kidding)

Zoom looked rusty but hey, when was the last time he worked in a game proper, right? I don’t know what he was thinking tonight, throwing to third like that, but whatever. I do feel pretty certain that no matter how “100%” they claim his wrist is, there’s no way in kitten hell that he’d be pitching if these were just regular season games.

Now I feel a little bad about laughing at Molina the other night, because when Pudge took a ball off the “inner thigh” tonight, he looked like he was in an AWFUL lot of pain.

Oh, and David Eckstein? It’s a walk. WALK. W-A-L-K. Not a run. Not a free jogging pass. A walk. So why don’t you WALK instead of racing down to first like the scrappy little tool that you are? I expect that kind of behavior out of a little leaguer playing for the first time in front of national TV cameras, not from a veteran MLB shortstop.

But, basically, Chris freakin’ Carpenter. Says it all, right there.


7 responses to “World freakin’ Series Game 3: Cut up

  1. My understanding is that Eckstein is actually 3/4 hobbit on his mother’s side. (Good hustle there, Samwise.) He never takes his shoes off in the locker room because his feet are totally hairy. True story.
    Anyway, if the bullpen has to have a shaky game, it might as well be the game where we don’t get ANY HITS and it doesn’t matter. Lookin’ on the bright side. Sigh.

  2. Carpenter showed why he is again a leading Cy Young candidate. We have not busted out offensively in this series; I have a feeling that we will do so in Game 4. And what was Zumaya thinking?

  3. Eckstein is the new Charlie Hustle. In twenty years we’ll probably find out he was placing bets against his own team all this time ;-)

  4. I hate David Eckstein and not just because his name screams Jewish when he isn’t. That guy is the definition of a pesky f**ker but not in a good way.

  5. I don’t think Zumaya WAS thinking, which may have been the problem.
    Pete Rose wasn’t as pocket-sized as Eckstein.
    And yeah, Ben, talk about false advertising! If you’re named David Eckstein I expect a nice Jewish boy, not a tiny blonde foul ball machine. To be fair to him, at least half of why I dislike him is because of how the media plays him up, but still.

  6. poor Zoomie. I had tears in my eyes for him when they showed him stomping off the mound.

  7. I think Zumaya was nervous. Here’s a 21-year-old who throws in the triple digits pitching in his first World Series game ever against Albert Pujols. Who wouldn’t be nervous?

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