Because nothing says “Thanksgiving Holiday Spirit” quite like a mutant roast turkey with Placido Polanco’s head bursting forth from it.

The natural meatiness of his cranium made him the obvious choice for this little… design exercise.

More thoughts on the offseason (Jamie Walker= :( Sean Casey= hmm) after Turkeycat Day and what is almost guaranteed to be a truly hellish, in one way or another, Lions game. Have a good one, kids and cats.

Oh, wait, sorry, vital offseason tidbit.

My roommate’s sister saw Magglio Ordonez in a department store (Nordstrom’s? Neiman Marcus? I forget; they are all one mysterious place in my mind) and reported that he was “very hot”. Clearly this is the kind of inside information we need to keep tabs on our baseball team over the winter. How are the players holding up? Are they shopping in department stores that are sufficiently high-end (a good topic for debate)? Are they keeping up a certain level of hot over the winter, or are they going to come into spring training all out of condition (and you know that, with Magglio’s hair, conditioning is VERY important)?

Roar of the Tigers is, as ever, at the forefront of baseball news and is unconditionally proud to bring you this incredibly worthwhile bulletin.

2 responses to “turkeycats

  1. I just started reading your blog and I have to say it’s the best Tigers blog out there. I started cracking up when you talked about Placido’s head because my mom and I say the exact same thing! I love your pictures too…they’re amazing!

  2. Everyone says that about Polanco’s head… that’s why it’s such a good visual joke. Everyone gets it. :)

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