the Tigers should never get new uniforms; this does not hold true for blogs

So as you may have noticed (or, more accurately, cannot fail to notice), we’ve got some new things going on here at the Most Valuable Network. There is a “small group of Phase 1 MLB blogs moved to help usher in the debut of”, and Roar of the Tigers ended up being one of them, probably because someone On High decided we’d better have some puerile humor along with all the actual analysis. It’s good to keep expectations low right off the bat.

The archives are not over here yet, but they should be soon– patience, my pretties, patience. Hopefully I’ll work out all the ins and outs of the new system soon enough and posting should resume at a better clip, since I just finished my last critique of the semester today and will have all sorts of time to spend idly and irresponsibly speculating about the Tigers of last year and next.

note to other Tigers bloggers: If I had you linked on the old site, you will probably get linked on this one. I’m still working out how to get a blogroll up here. Worry not, the bloggin’ love is still there. Also, as of right now at least, is redirecting right here, but if you want to update your links to, that’s the new addy.

Welcome, kids and kittens, to the snazzy new era of Roar of the Tigering!


6 responses to “the Tigers should never get new uniforms; this does not hold true for blogs

  1. Whoa, snazzy! I miss the orange though :(

  2. BTW Bondo for 4 yrs at $38 mil? How clever!

  3. I kinda miss the orange too. I think I’ll let the poor webmaster deal with more pressing problems before bugging him about cosmetics, though. :P

  4. I do think it looks a bit cleaner. Everyone is getting makeovers this offseason. But I’ll stay steadfast. And update my link to you.

  5. Sam, we both got new uniforms in the same week. I stole your orange. I like your new look though. It’s easier to read.

  6. Thanks guys! Yeah, I had nothing to do with the redesign… I’m just dwelling within in. :)

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