in the spring, tiger cubs may begin to display playful aggressive behavior

Jordan Tata, both photos by Roger DeWitt

It still is far, far away from spring here in Michigan, but down in Lakeland the season has started to rear its wobbly little naked baby head. Some of the Tigers, eager little buggers that they are, have reported early.

*insert happy little “eeeee!” noise here*

And here we have PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE! Visual proof that while we shiver abjectly in our underheated studios (or maybe that is just me, thank you University of Michigan art school), there are big baseball men running around in shorts and sunshine. All is not lost in the deep freeze of February! See? SEE??!!

For this, we have Roger to thank. Many of you may know Roger, or “hueytaxi”, from the MotownSports messageboard. He’s a denizen of the Lakeland area and he is all kinds of ace for sharing these images, these HAPPY, TIGERFUL IMAGES with us.

Craig Dingman and Jeremy Bonderman, photo by Roger DeWitt

These photos, the ones I’ve got up here, are particularly interesting for a few reasons. The one right here is fun because it shows Bondo huffing and puffing and HOPEFULLY getting some sort of tan, because he’s translucently white, to the point where I’m slightly concerned he won’t survive a season of exposure to even weak sunlight without some kind of protective pigmentation. And running along next to him? CRAIG DINGMAN.


I really hope he kicks rear and makes the team, because, wow. A comeback from arterial bypass surgery in his shoulder? A surgery that involves taking part of another blood vessel (I’m not sure if they used an artery or a vein, although I’m inclined to say vein… and I can’t be the only one consistently annoyed by the lack of medical specificity available in sports news reports, right?) from his leg, and grafting it into the damaged part of his shoulder? HOLY FREAKING CATS. How WICKED would that be?
Of course, there’s the downside that involves every announcer spending the whole season mentioning this Amazing Comeback if/whenever Dinger comes in to pitch, but that’s a price I’m more or less willing to pay.

The photo up top there is just amusing because it’s Jordan Tata being a cheeky fellow. I am not at all down with the blatant and unnecessary use of different fonts for the front and the back, but the message is, I believe, one we can all get behind.

And isn’t it NICE to think that this is a statement that most teams, nowadays, won’t actually laugh out loud at? After 2003, someone wearing a shirt like this would be jeered out of existence, or else carefully ignored out of a sense of deep pity. Today, no, perfectly normal sentiments for a young whippet like Tata!

I think it’s about 7 days ’til pitchers and catchers officially report. The vast, pathetically excited anticipation continues.

edit: Also, good thoughts going out to Big Al of The Wayne Fontes Experience, a genuinely hilarious bloggin’ dude who’s got some unfortunate stuff going on right now.

14 responses to “in the spring, tiger cubs may begin to display playful aggressive behavior

  1. University Update

    in the spring, tiger cubs may begin to display playful aggressive ……

  2. Thank you my friend and I have Bookmarked the URL to stay current.

  3. YAY DINGERS!!!! Man, that is so awesome. I really hope he can come back. Even if he had to spend the season in the minors, it would be wicked exciting.
    Also, Bondo may actually be whiter than I am. That is impressive. And have you seen the photographic evidence of the tattoo on his leg?

  4. ivantopumpyouup

    I am fond of that shirt Mr. Tata is sporting. That is hot.

  5. Aw, thanks Roger, you don’t hafta be all formal about it. :)
    Cat, I did see that! It was another one of Roger’s photos, actually. Color me INTRIGUED. Kind of a weird place for a tattoo… ‘tho I must say I’m happy he didn’t go the tribal armband route.
    ivan…. yes, yes it is. Hopefully this season Mr. Tata will live up to it.

  6. D’you hear about/know about the antique hat stretcher?

  7. I did, yes. I have to wonder, assuming they really still use it, if it’s capable of stretching a hat to whatever gargantuan proportions Polanco requires.

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  9. It’s my new goal in life to find out exactly what that tattoo is of…

  10. If you find out, lemme know. I am curious, but perhaps not quite as dedicated to the cause as you are. :P

  11. Jordan Tata. Very good.

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