it's like we were naked, but now we are clothed

photo by Samara Pearlstein

The archives are back! The archives are back!

Now you can relive all your favorite Roar of the Tigers moments in full glorious new-format style. It’s so marvelous I hardly know what to do with myself, especially since I just went through almost two years’ worth of posts and fixed the tags and photos for each and everyone. My eyeballs may fall out of their sockets at any moment now, but it was oh-so-very-worth-it, if only for my own personal obsessive peace of mind.

You may direct your fervent thanks to Brandon Rosage, our lovely admin fellow, who also does the Outsider Radio section of this here Most Valuable Network.

I just feel a lot better, having the archives back. Don’t you feel better? Yes. It is a nice, clean, Spring Trainingy kind of feeling.
Oh, and if you’re bored and decide to flip through, bear in mind that I came on board here in June of 2005 (before that I had been writing about the Tigers along with a bunch of other teams at Blue Cats and Red Sox, my other site). I’ve fixed the tags and images on all of MY posts; I’m afraid I can’t be responsible for the posting that went on before I came over here, or for the posts of my erstwhile blogpartner Mike. Just so we’re all clear.



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