Readying his Bondermanly roar? MAYBE!

photo illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Ohhhhh maaaaannnn am I getting excited. Of course it was like this last year too. It seems like Bondo always looks promising this time of year and I have to keep telling myself “it’s just spring, it’s just spring” so that I can try to stop the hyperventilation.

He’s just been…. ON. From what I can tell. And it sounds like his changeup is starting to take root. And. Yes. Deep breaths.

It’s just that SO many people are tagging this as a year when Bondo really breaks out, even more than he’s already done. We can see it. His awesomeness is a Ford truck barreling down the M-14 highway of the years, to use a Michiganish metaphor; we can see it coming down the road and unless something unexpected happens (a sinkhole opens up in the ground, there’s a twelve car pileup, a giant radioactive raccoon starts picking cars up with its little raccoon hands and eating them like candy, etc.) we know it’s just a matter of waiting for him to get there.

I realize that I’ve been banging on about this only, oh, a squillion times this offseason and spring.

He’s given up two runs (I think only one earned, ‘tho I could be wrong there) in nine innings pitched, with 8 Ks. For this time of year, that’s miiiighty fine, ESPECIALLY when you consider the fact that he always seems to get hit hard earlier in games rather than later, and that he’s ONLY working early slots right now, naturally.

Irrationally excited? Again? Me? Surely you jest.

The point is that I CAN’T HELP IT because BONDO AAHHHHHHH and he REALLY does not help me maintain the thin thread of my composure and dignity when he has the kind of tidy little overpowering spring that he’s been having this year.


10 responses to “Readying his Bondermanly roar? MAYBE!

  1. Uh, yeah, wow. I just come here for the pictures. And what a picture that is. Wow. Wow.

  2. you and your pictures…

  3. Yeah, I’m thinkin’ this one may be making a reappearance at points during the season. :P

  4. If they ever decide to make a third ‘Underworld’ movie, I think Jeremy Bonderman should be it. Look at that ferocity! He would totally rip Kate Beckinsale to shreds.

  5. I can’t wait for Baseball season, either. Oh yah, did you see that picture of your boy Inge laid out making a play in the Detroit news the other day

  6. My fantasy team will be a very happy and sparkly place if he does.

  7. Oh yeah. The excitement hit me full-on last night as I was finishing up the last essay inThe Detroit Tigers Reader. I almost couldn’t sleep for the wow of it all. We caught our first M’s game of the season on TV last night and though it didn’t end well, it was BASEBALL. On MY TV!
    All the boys are looking good. Nate even got some run support the other day!
    Soon, my pretties. Tiger baseball. Soon.

  8. Ian, that’s an…. interesting image?
    Lauren, I did indeed see it, thanks as always for the HU. :P
    Cat, I am glad that you are keeping the faith via fantasy ball. I never play, because my entire team would just be Red Sox and Tigers and various random players I like on other teams and it would probably bomb spectacularly.
    Kristina, I know, right! Run support for Nate! IT’S LIKE A MAGICAL LAND OF MAGICAL THINGS THAT I DO NOT UNDERSTAND! :)

  9. I’ve shown that Bonderman/Tiger picture to several people now, none of whom will ever be the same

  10. Excellent. Roar of the Tigers: traumatizing the unwary.

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