pug marks, Mar. 17

photo illustration by Samara Pearlstein

pug mark 1
Bondo gets the opener, Kenny Rogers secretly plots to destroy him.

Ha ha, no, Kenny isn’t plotting to destroy anyone. Except maybe the photographers who first captured a shot of the UNDETERMINED stain on his palm. And video cameramen. He hates those guys.

I reckon this is Leyland telling Bondo that he’s got as much confidence in his Bondermanly ways as the general media does. Which, you know, I agree with. If Kenny still needs to be propped up at this late stage in his career, dude’s got problems, but Bondo, often as we may forget it, is still essentially a kid. It’s a nice move on Leyland’s part.

pug mark 2
Curtis Granderson is a Buffalo Bills fan.

Smart. And by “smart” I mean “smarter than any of us poor idiots who still identify as Lions fans”.

pug mark 3
Nate Robertson hints at a shameful clubhouse secret.

…we also did that with American Idol — some of us. I’m not going to say who, but there are some American Idol buffs in that clubhouse. A lot of guys are pretty down on this voting system with American Idol here lately. There’s a guy that keeps on getting through that a lot of guys are disappointed on. You’d be surprised how disappointed some of these guys get, man. It’s a topic of discussion.

He’s right. I am surprised. Also horrified. American Idol?? SERIOUSLY, AMERICAN IDOL? Boys, why can’t you be into 24 or something? Oy. Anyways, he won’t name names, but I think we need to baselessly speculate. Who’s into this tripe? I’m gonna go ahead and say Verlander to start with.

pug mark 4
Brandon Inge loves the little childrens.

He’s donating $100,000 to the Mott Children’s hospital at U of M. People who are good to the Wolverines automatically earn my love unless they give me big fat reasons to dislike them. Of course Mr. Inge did not require that aid, and I don’t suppose it’s possible for him to go much higher in my estimation (although some patience at the plate would be nice this season, BRANDON ARE YOU LISTENING), but this is still a nice little bonus for everyone.

pug mark 5
Emily’s at spring training, and she’s taking photos.

Go see, and be happy.

pug mark 6
More Tiger blogging joy? I think we can all agree that this is a good thing.

Ian, formerly and sort of currently of general Michiganly sports blog Sweaty Men Endeavors, has accepted an invitation to blog about the Tigers over at Bless You Boys. I think the network that BYB is on counts as a rival to MVN, so obviously this means WAR.

I shall fire the first salvo.


I expect nothing but intelligent humor and exhilarating battles from this new blogging force as the season progresses.


2 responses to “pug marks, Mar. 17

  1. “I

  2. I think Jonesy is another good choice. He seems just soft enough to get a big kick out of that bollocks.

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