see "Who's your Tiger?" in a whoooooole new light

photo by Emily Smith

Now, I’m afraid I can’t directly quote this or anything, because I myself didn’t hear it. It was told to me by a Tigers fan friend, and while normally I would just let it pass by, this is altogether too awesome to not share. Some of you may have heard it anyways; if you did, let me know.

Apparently, Brandon Inge was on a radio show (not sure which one) that my friend was listening to. Here is how the conversation between me and my friend went.

Mike: They asked him, in the process of love making, have you ever asked your wife “Who’s your Tiger?”
Mike: I thought you would enjoy that one.
Me: omg
Me: What was Brandon Inge’s response to that question??
Mike: “No, but maybe daddy instead of Tiger.”
Me: omg. That is pure magic.
Mike: Then he said that he is going to tell the 25 other guys that question
Mike: and they will all probably say it that night.
Me: Best. Mental image. Ever.

I wish I knew what radio station this had happened on, so that I could write or call in and personally thank them for asking THE BEST INTERVIEW QUESTION IN THE HISTORY OF INTERVIEW QUESTIONS.

And I would like you, the cherished reader, to just picture Mr. Inge snickering and telling everyone in the clubhouse about this, and everyone in the clubhouse going home to their wife/girlfriend/whatever and sometime during the course of a romantic evening yelling


If that doesn’t keep you smiling all day, I do not know what will.

2 responses to “see "Who's your Tiger?" in a whoooooole new light

  1. Dave B Wagner

    Whoa, lookin’ good, Inge

  2. Ha ha, you can thank Em for that one.

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