frozen cats wielding frozen bats

bat icicles by Samara Pearlstein

Man, snood central out there today. I was DELIGHTED to see the trend extend past Polanco; Pudge started the game with a head sock (which I think he later discarded) and Magglio at times had every part of his face except for his eyes covered. Sadly, this awesome attire did not cause correspondingly awesome play. Maggs had trouble in the outfield AGAIN, and the entire offense just was a frozen lump of woe.

I’m not ready to panic about Maggs yet, though. I think he just really, really, REALLY hates/can’t handle cold weather. All we can do is hope it warms up right quick so he’s not as miserable as he clearly is right now. (And before he injures himself in some cold-stiff joint or other.) Lynn Henning is on FSN right now saying that Maggs is (and last year was) a defensive liability. I really don’t think he was as bad as all that. If he’s still doin’ this kind of crud when it warms up, I’ll bow to the debatably superior wisdom of Mr. Henning, but we shall see.

Verlander looked pretty darn good, which is on the one hand a big positive, given the concerns about his readiness and his tired arm and all that jazz. On the other hand, these are the Royals, and not to disrespect the Royals or anything but… these are the Royals. I’m not exactly pleased with the number of walks he issued, but the fact that the only run he gave up over 6 innings was unearned is a pleasant thing to contemplate.

Now, you KNOW I’ve got to mention Brandon Inge. Because Brandon Inge showed us today that he has RANGE at third, hurling himself all over the infield dirt. Brandon Inge. Stoppin’ balls, makin’ plays. Seriously, that play where he hurled himself on his stomach basically into shortstop territory, stopped the ball, and sent it sharply along to first for the out… hawt? Yes. Hawt.

Of course, Sean Casey made an EXCELLENT play on the other end of that ball, scooping it backhanded at first and just managing to keep his foot on the base long enough for the out, after which he immediately fell over onto his rump. I appreciated that play as well. I would maybe not go so far as to call it HAWT, but I would definitely say that it made me SQUEE.

Also SQUEEworthy was seeing everyone in the dugout all bundled up in their jackets and things. Especially Bondo, who was standing at the rail with a BRIGHT RED NOSE and you just wanted to give him some hot chocolate (with marshmallows in, natch) and, I dunno, a bunch of mittens or something.

All of this would have been much easier to enjoy if we had WON. We’re barely into the season and already I’m getting restless. But much less despairing than I normally would be at this time of year; I think last season has mellowed me somewhat.

Except when it comes to Fernando. He’s feeling “out of synch”. No, really? I never would’ve guessed. *insert rude, exasperated gesture here*

MIKE MAROTH HAS A BUZZ CUT. They interviewed him after the game, since he’s starting tomorrow… not that any of us will be able to see it unless we’re there, because the game isn’t televised. (Not that I’d be able to see it anyways if the Wolverines don’t have another game snowed/frozen out… but they did today, so, who knows.) “Anything to try to add a few miles per hour… heh, I don’t think it will though.” Mike Maroth: painfully adorable. I hope he blows the snot out of ’em tomorrow, so we can stop worrying about his arm and so that we can feel less embarrassed about losing to the Royals. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Sigh. At least we didn’t get ACTUALLY snowed out like they did in Cleveland today. That’ll make you frozen AND frustrated, because you waste all that time playing/watching people play, and it’s all for naught.

What Rod and Mario Said Today

Apparently they have a people-in-hot-dog-suits race in KC these days… red vs. yellow vs. green. Presumably meant to represent condiments. Rod and Mario were tickled by these oblong wonders.

Mario: Oh… oh no…
*both laughing*
Rod: Red’s got some nice form.
Mario: Ketchup’s comin’ on hard.

Then Rod broke out this gem, which any Michigan native will appreciate.

Rod: They should put Belle Tire out there, he’d beat ’em all.

You know that wasn’t an endorsement either; he just came up with that out of his own deranged mind. I love it.


6 responses to “frozen cats wielding frozen bats

  1. Owned by Jorge De La Rosa.

  2. O, Samara, how I die for my Magglio! Comme c’est injuste!!! You know what, I would like to say to ANY TIGERS FAN who was at the game on Wednesday or Thursday??? How Can You Possibly Boo Our Own People??? You guys, Maggs was sooo cold, he was dying out there! And I love and adore him, and face it, so do you, because he is THE MAGGS and that is that. So. Let it go. Remember, people, we are TIGERS fans, not yankees (spitblehphtttblehhh) fans. We respect our players. Please respond with your gracious comments.

  3. Dave B Wagner

    “Remember, people, we are TIGERS fans, not yankees (spitblehphtttblehhh) fans.”
    Or Royals fans, for that matter. This silly booing of Mike Sweeney has really caught on, apparently. If they hadn’t won that game yesterday, Sweeney would probably never have been forgiven for that bases loaded strikeout.

  4. I TOTALLY agree! I was feeling for Maggs the whole game because he was obviously about frozen solid out there in right. Poor guy, the second he has trouble he’s a “liability.”
    I also was ecstatic about the Polanco style starting to spread…although I have to admit it was somewhat lessened when I saw Neifi wearing one (I know it’s not nice, but I really don’t like Neifi)

  5. Please never, ever use the phrase “the superior wisdom of Mr. Henning” again… I stopped reading his childish drivel when he kept insisting that Pudge would be traded in the 05-06 off-season, and that the Tigers braintrust would be mighty pleased to have Inge back behind the plate in his place, and implied that we would take a bag of balls or a couple of low minor-leaguers in exchange for a team that would take Pudge’s contract. I kept reading him for a while to see if he would ever acknowledge just how completely wrong he was, but then one day around June or July, I just stopped myself, full in the knowledge that Lynn Henning is an idiot that is allowed to cover this team in a way that shows his idiocy rather nicely. Already knowing the fullness and depth of this idiocy, I decided it was no longer necessary to watch it grow.

  6. Dick, yeah yeah yeah.
    Christine, I can sort of understand booing… I mean think of it this way: you’re a huge fan, you dedicate your love and attention to the team, and they “repay” you by playing like wankers. You know? You, the fan, are upset and maybe even feeling a little betrayed, which is ridiculous but it doesn’t stop a fan from feelin’ it. Having no other recourse, many fans turn to the boo. So I do understand it.
    That said, I think it’s way too early in the season for that stuff to be going on and people are just nuts.
    Dave, I was wondering about that. Then again, I’d probably be jaded and bitter if I was a Royals fan too (I’m a pretty jaded and bitters Red Sox/Tigers fan, and that’s more from PAST teams than from having to deal with the current crop…)
    Whitney, it’s OK, nobody likes Neifi. Not even Neifi likes Neifi.
    Jeff, it was a bit sarcastic but, to be honest, he’s a lot older’n me, he’s been following baseball and the Tigers a lot longer than me, so I allow some deference to that. It’s possible that he’s right, and this early in the year I must allow for that possibility. It’s possible that on this particular matter he’s completely wrong as well, which is why I brought it up in the first place.

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