Craig Monroe: 1, Incredibly Drawn-Out Boredom: 0

photo by Samara Pearlstein

Let’s summarize this game.

First inning: no score
Second inning: no score
Third inning: no score
Fourth inning: no score
Fifth inning: no score
Sixth inning: no score
Seventh inning: no score
Eighth inning: no score
Ninth inning: no score
Tenth inning: no score
Eleventh inning: no score

Twelfth inning: Craig Monroe grand slam results in four Tigers runs; Bobby Seay balks in an Oriole run

The sad bit is that while Verlander and Loewen both looked something along the lines of great, I feel like we were seeing terrible offense more than amazing pitching. Especially on Loewen’s part… not to take anything away from him, but he just didn’t look all that sharp out there. This isn’t just me being team-ist; Verlander stretched his start to 7 innings, while Loewen had a high enough pitch count to knock him out of the game after 5.

It was cool to see Jamie Walker again, and although he too was quite effective against us, I don’t hold it against him one bit. Rock on, Walker. I really hope he and Millar are perpetuating their own brand of crazy in that Oriole clubhouse, because those two together would probably be ridiculous enough to warrant a reality show.

Still having trouble processing the amazing end of this game correctly. It’s like if you were watching a race with two runners, and they were running in lockstep for miles and miles and miles and miles and eventually one dude just pulls out a gun and sprays the other one full of bullets. Craigger’s grand slam was just that in terms of violence and unexpectedness.

Off to the Skydome. It’ll be nice to not have to worry about the weather, I guess… hopefully the pitchers weren’t too tired out by today’s marathon and they’ll be able to hold back/herd the crowd of Jays bats.

3 responses to “Craig Monroe: 1, Incredibly Drawn-Out Boredom: 0

  1. You might have one or two relievers that are feeling achy today. But your manager was smart enough to burn a couple guys out instead of wearing down EVERYONE a little.
    My manager on the other hand chose the later, and probably was a major factor in the Tigers’ virtual walk off grand slam. (Yeah the O’s had 3 outs to work with after that, but it was over and everyone knew it.)
    Sam Perlozzo left his great relievers in for as little as 9 pitches, and left his medicore reliever in for 2 innings to get crushed in the 12th.
    Horrible managing by the Orioles.
    But…if it hadn’t been for Perlozzo’s utterly stupid managing we might still be watching this game today! So maybe it’s a blessing in diguise.
    Good luck to the Tigers the rest of the way. We’ll do our best to take the Royals out of the way for you this weekend. (You know, if case you’re actually worried about that…)

  2. Y’know, normally I would give the Royals nothing more than an indulgent chuckle, but… given how they treated us in the last series, yeah. Please take care of them for us. And watch out for that Duckworth kid. :)

  3. I saw the clip of that Monroe Grand Slam….I’m surprised the rest of the team didn’t come to home plate to mob him. Oh yah, you saw this coming..**Inge Alert** Your boy Inge hit a Home Run in the top of the 3rd inning against the Blue Jays in Toronto this evening. Just thought you might want to know. :-) **end of Inge Alert**

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