tonight Jeremy Bonderman cries himself to sleep

photo by Samara Pearlstein

Nine innings pitched.
Six hits.
No walks. Four strikeouts.
One run.
Not enough for a win.

What can you say? Yeah, Doc Halladay is not an arm to be trifled with, but THIS is the vaunted Detroit offense? Bondo pitches his HEART, SOUL, and SPLEEN out, and gets nothing in return?

This was a ridiculously good outing from Bondo, especially to see how thoroughly he recovered from that first inning homerun, and I hate, HATE the fact that the team just piddled it away like so much doggy urine. Wee wee wee down the drain in the sidewalk. We just can’t afford to waste pitching of that caliber; no one can.

Urgh. I can’t even say anything else about this game, I’m so thoroughly disgusted by it. Poor, poor Bondo.


2 responses to “tonight Jeremy Bonderman cries himself to sleep

  1. Bonderman was great. The wins will start piling up for him if he keeps pitching like this.

  2. Sigh. I know. But when you think how many wins Nate coulda had last year… I just hope it doesn’t fall out like that for Bondo.

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