back to your regularly scheduled idiocy

photo by Samara Pearlstein

I am going to use this photo every time Bondo gets screwed out of another win by his own teammates. Do you hear me, Tigers teammates?? Look at this photo. Look at it closely. You’ve seen it before. You’re seeing it now. You’re going to get pretty bored of it, aren’t you? I know my readers will. But I am doing this to convince you of the sinfulness of your ways, Tigers bats and Tigers bullpen. I am doing it to VISUALLY EXPLAIN how very wrong you are when you steal wins away from Jeremy Bonderman.

I watched most of this game, and left when Zumaya came in so that I could get to the Michigan/EMU double header baseball game(s) on time. We were up, things were looking sunny and happy and tra la la, I blithely assumed there had been a happy outcome. I allowed myself to get caught up in Wolverine baseball, in taking photos of Wolverine baseball, in freezing my tail off while watching Wolverine baseball.

When I got home and thawed a little, I saw to my delight that FSN was replaying the game. Wonderful! I could watch the last few innings that I had missed… after all, I had managed to avoid all media outlets and thus had no idea what the exact outcome was.

Todd Jones came in and began doing his Todd Jones thing: putting men on base, looking serious, as though he’s really thinking about maybe doing something about that, but perhaps not just yet. Still riding high off of Bondo’s amazing performance, I chuckled indulgently. Oh Rollercoaster Jones. You lovable scamp.

Behold as Todd Jones betrayed my innocent trust, gave way like a piece of tissue paper against a rampaging waterfall, and let the Royals tie the game up, thus depriving Bondo of any shot at the win even if we came back to score some more and win the whole thing.

I hope Bonderman kicked him in the spleen in the lockerroom after the game.

To see yet ANOTHER one of his excellent starts piddled away like that… it’s almost more than I can stand, and I’m not a Tiger, nor am I personally Jeremy Bonderman. He’s probably getting ulcers RIGHT NOW AS WE SPEAK just from ragefully thinking about his W-L record. Or lack thereof, which is the point.

It’s got to be frustrating, thinking that whatever you do, nothing will be good enough. Apparently Bondo has to go out there and pitch an inning, then run up and get a hit, then steal a million bases, then magically get another 3 hits, and then we will be able to get something going for him.

Until then… this photo.

5 responses to “back to your regularly scheduled idiocy

  1. I appreciate the comparison of the Royals’ offense to a “raging waterfall.” Makes me think there’s hope for this season yet.

  2. poor Bondo. If I was him I’d have a complex by now.

  3. I was peeking through the gates on Adams yesterday (4/18/07) when I was downtown doing my Scoreboard Watching thing,and watched Bondo Pitch. He did all right. I went *grr* when I heard on the radio that the Royals had that Home Run. Hopefully, Bondo can work on his pitching and do his “Thing”.

  4. The raging waterfall was more for ANY offense facing certain components of the Tigers’ bullpen right now, but… hey, whatever helps. :)
    Tiff, he probably does.
    Lauren, yeah, I think at this point he can only do his “Thing” if the offense starts doing its “Thing” and the bullpen stops doing “the Fernando Rodney Thing”.

  5. […] Then we heard that a lot of those runs weren’t earned. “Oh holy cats,” I thought. “They’ve done it again. I don’t believe it, but they’ve done it again.” I was going to have to use the Bondo got screwed photo. […]

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