kicking jet lag in its imaginary groin

photo illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Yeah, take THAT, West Coast!

If you made it all the way through this game, I am very proud of you. Not only was it a 10pm start time to begin with, it was also slow as a three-toed sloth for much of the game. I am tired, and you know that’s a bad sign.

Baby Weaver got snotknocked here: 7 runs (‘tho only 5 earned) over 1.2 innings pitched. Is it possible that our offense is coming around? I don’t want to say things like that, because it just seems so preposterous. The bats (minus Polanco) have been so limp and noodley. But it’s hard to ignore the kind of beating they administered to Weaver.

(Meeeeemorieeeeessss… of another fellow by the name of Weaver, whom we know all too well)

Maroth did not look too sharp, which was a little worrying in some ways and not so worrying in others. On the one hand, he’s Mike Maroth; he throws soft, he throws just a little big junky, he’s not going to have a real high K rate under the best of circumstances. But today, oy. Five walks over 4.2 innings? And to think, I was worrying about Verlander just the other day… Maroth’s (lack of) control makes Justin’s walks look like tiny little kittens.

Two Wrong Coast games, then back here. Man. What a (hopefully) hot mess this team’s gonna be on the plane after the ballgame tomorrow.

4 responses to “kicking jet lag in its imaginary groin

  1. Nice article in Motor City Sports!
    Bonderman-Santana on Sunday-and you will be there.

  2. Oh gawd, I haven’t seen it yet. I’m a little afraid.
    Bonderman/Santana? Ohhhh maaaaannnn, that is a heckuva matchup. I shall hope hope hope for no rain between now and then.

  3. What is this article?? Link please!

  4. I don’t think the article’s online… probably just in the print version of the magazine (which is Motor City Sports Magazine).

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