Oh Seay can you see how bad his pitching is?

photo by Samara Pearlstein

Way, waaaaay more photos to come, obviously, but I wanted to get this thing rolling. I’m keepin’ it simple here.

1. Tigers fan bandwagon jumping not as great as expected. I expected to see a lot more Tigers fans this year, after last season. Didn’t pan out. For this game, at least, I would say there were about as many Tigers fans as there were last year at Fenway. Maybe more people around my age this time, but that’s really the only difference I noted (and it was slight). Could have had something to do with the fact that it was a Monday night, and the fact that it was Nate (not a huge draw even among Tigers fans) vs. Matsuzaka (a HUGE FREAKIN’ DRAW for Sox fans).

2. Nate Robertson: not made of fail. His outing was a lot better than his line shows. He threw about a billion pitches, which was his undoing, but he didn’t walk anyone. Not a one. He just allowed the Sox to work up these enormous pitch counts during at-bats. Jason Varitek was fouling stuff off like his spandex turtlenecks were going out of style and he had to slow down the game on purpose to milk the last possible moments of enjoyment from them. I don’t know. Many worse pitchers than Nate have been roughed up by David Ortiz and ‘Tek.

His line also looks a lot better if

3. you count those two “hits” in the second inning as errors, which is how I counted them on my scorecard. Hits, pfffft, whatever. The first one would have been an out if Brandon Inge had taken ONE step instead of trying to complete the play in a single shiny motion. The second one probably would have been an out, AT LEAST one out, if Carlos hadn’t bobbled the bobble right out of the ball. Hits? Hits? I guess that’s what the cool kids call “hometown scoring”.

And you KNOW I don’t want to see Brandon Inge get saddled with any more errors than he already has been, but I was pretty convinced that he could have had this play if he had taken just one more moment with it. If you didn’t see the play, it was a ball that Mike Lowell hit to third very softly, so it stayed more or less on the infield grass. Inge came charging in and in one single move scooped the thing up, while running, and threw it to first. TOWARDS first, rather, because what he actually did was airmail the ball to a point just above and behind Sean Casey’s head. Woe.

4. I asked Bondo during BP how his hand was doing. I was leaning on the back of the visitor’s dugout, as is my wont, and Bondo approached. Here’s the exact conversation.

RotT: Hey, Bondo! How’s your hand doing?
Bondo, with a startled and slightly blank look up: What?*
RotT: How’s your hand doing?
Bondo: Uh, oh. Uh, it’s OK. It’s getting better.

He then ducked down and into the dugout before anyone could hound him for autographs.

I find it worrying that he said “it’s getting better” instead of “oh, it’s doing great! feels dandy!”… which is what you would assume a player would say to some dumb fan hollering at them before a game. “It’s getting better” doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in me that he’ll be back 100% by the time his next start rolls around.

For whatever it’s worth, he didn’t appear to have anything on the affected finger. Not even a bandaid or gauze wrap.

5. Bobby Seay must die. The Red Sox were winning anyways; that was just unnecessary agony to watch. In fact, we couldn’t stand it and actually walked out of our seats and into the concourse, where we watched the rest of his inning on a TV bolted to the Fenway concourse girders. Watching with us: a bunch of vaguely disinterested cops, and John Keating of FSN Detroit. Kinda surreal.

6. Tim Byrdak was not as bad as Bobby Seay. His lifetime stats are not pretty, though, so don’t get too excited now, kids. I was doing a last-minute poke at the Tigers roster before the game and noticed he had shown up, numberless and unexplained. I had the following conversation with my brother.

RotT: Hey, what’s a Tim Byrdak?
Brother: Generic white Orioles reliever.
RotT: Well. He’s a Tiger now.
Brother: Really? Huh. He sucks.

Still, today he was going strong. Why did we take him out to put in Bobby Trainwreck Seay? The world may never know.

7. Nobody likes Neifi Perez. Best Neifi!!! moment came during BP. Neifi!!! walked over to the dugout. A small child immediately began begging for his autograph, calling him BY NAME. Both pathetic and remarkable. Neifi!!! completely blew the kid off** and pootled around the edge of the dugout doing Neifi!!! things instead. A Tigers fan next to me (late teens or early 20s) yelled, “Neifi!” like he would if he was asking for an autograph. He then yelled. “LOOK AT YOURSELF!”, the implication in his tone of voice being, of course, that if Neifi!!! took the time to really look at himself, he would realize how loathsome he truly is.

My contribution to this scintillating exchange was a darkly muttered, “He should be thankful anyone even recognizes him,” which was loud enough for people on the back of the dugout to hear, but not loud enough for Neifi!!! This was either for the best, or a lost opportunity.

8. Mike Rabelo fan club? I sat with a Sox fan friend of mine for this game. I pointed Rabelo out to her a few times during BP, and later when he would poke his head up out of the dugout or when he ran across to the bullpen. She was quiet about him, but eventually admitted that she found him to be quite attractive. This is the very first time I have heard anyone mackin’ on Mike Rabelo. Welcome to the majors, kid!

9. When push comes to shove, I shove Gary Sheffield. I’m sorry. I tried. But this was the ultimate test: Gary Sheffield in Fenway, where I have hated him for many years. Turns out I hate him still. Go figure.

I have to admit, when he came up to bat, I was rooting Matsuzaka all the way, every time. I know I’m supposed to look at the good of the team and not the individual man, but apparently I’m not over Sheffield yet. I didn’t go so far as to join in the round booing he got whenever he so much as stuck his head out of the dugout, but I didn’t sob when he struck out.

10. You don’t really understand Matsuzaka fever until you see it in person. I know this is a Tigers blog, and this is a Red Sox subject, but it’s really, really something to see. People are CRAZY for this kid. There are Dunkin Donuts ads in Japanese. Programs and scorecards being given out with red headbands with the Japanese flag on them. Tons of little kids in tshirts that have a number 18 on the back and a nameplate reading “Dice-K”. It’s wacky, but awesome.

edit: I’ve posted about this game from the Red Sox fan side of my brain over at Blue Cats and Red Sox. Also, Ian of Bless You Boys has an “interview” with me about the series up at his place. I express my true feeling about Curt Schilling, and compare Chad Durbin’s performance to “gravy on the meaty team pie”. ‘Tis ace.

* This is a little embarrassing to admit, but when I yell, like yelling AT someone to get their attention or what have you, I… aspirate my Rs and nasalize (?) my vowels. When speaking normally I have no accent at all (‘though I do have New England terminology… it’s SODA, those shoes are SNEAKERS, that candy is a LOLLIPOP), but when I yell, I yell in a Boston accent. I blame my upbringing; there was not a lot of yelling in my house when I was growing up (you would never guess it from this blog, but my immediate family is actually pretty functional) and my house is basically accentless, while most of the people I DID hear yelling were people with thick Boston accents.

This is to say that when I first yelled at Bondo, it’s not surprising that he had a little trouble understanding me.

** I have no problem at all with Neifi!!!, or indeed anyone, blowing off the autograph hounds. In fact I applaud him for resisting the slimy charms of a small child trying to act innocent but really in bloodthirsty pursuit of a bunch of autographs (s)he doesn’t give two snotloads about, just to be able to say (s)he has them. I just strongly dislike Neifi!!! to begin with.

18 responses to “Oh Seay can you see how bad his pitching is?

  1. Dave B Wagner

    It’s a shame you missed Rod and Mario, because Rod was absolutely brilliant last night. He put forth the assertion that “Matsuzaka has never pitched to a lineup this good in his life”, and also told us thrilling tales of his brief stint in Japan (which Mario could not stop cracking up during).

  2. Really… Did Rod share this little tidbit?
    Why did we take out Byrdak to put in Trainwreck Seay? Well, because Byrdak is a reliever. He did very well for 2 innings. If you want Tim Byrdak to go back to sucking and being the “generic white reliever” that he is, one sure way to do it is to leave him in too long. That’s why. The real problem was the Minny Sunday night game. The real question is why wasn’t Fernando Rodney in there, who hadn’t pitched since Friday? I mean, Dice-K was dealing (not to mention the specter of Papelbon warming up), don’t get me wrong, but that’s a 3-1 game… Still very winnable. Rodney can’t go an inning after 2 days of rest? Maybe I just don’t understand modern bullpen management, or else Rodney was feeling a little off or something.

  3. And one more thing… Seay wasn’t a trainwreck before last night… He had been in 10 games, allowing one run 3 times and no runs 7 times. To me, that’s pretty much exactly what you want from your lefty in the bullpen. And he’s only had 2 1-batter appearances. He’s kind of our new Jamie Walker, in that he’s often more than just the lefty specialist (and Jamie was prone to the occasional blowup, too).

  4. You to be the biggest moron i have ever met to bash bobby seay. the tigers had abosolutely no chance at winning that game at that point and to be completely honest up until that game he was doing the best possible job he could. you are a fucking moron and you deserve to die i really hope you are hit by a car and killed today for saying someone should die for having a bad outing eat shit you son of a bitch you are probably some fat fuck who is still a virgin because you are an ignorant fuck. Rott in hell and i really hope you do die sooner than later you asshole and further more your blogs are fucking horrendous. you are posting about some chick in the crowd saying mike rabelo is hot. do you think we reallly give a fuck about some girl
    editors note: Looks like someone lacks a sense of humor! Ah well, can’t win ’em all.

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  6. Ah, I am sad I missed Rod’s chance to relive his Japan days… I SAW them, but of course was not privy to their madness.
    Jeff, Seay wasn’t a trainwreck before last night… this season. He had two good-ish years as a Devil Ray, one horrific year as a Rockie (which I suppose is to be expected), and he was mediocre-to-bad last year. Walker, though, as you say, also prone to the blowup, worked in more games and to better effect almost every year he’s been around. Jamie, when used best, WAS just the lefty specialist, nothing more.
    I’ll also note that while Seay has been killer on lefties this year, his combined 03 to 06 numbers against them are almost the same as they are against righties. .263/.380/.421 against lefties vs. .280/.341/.449 against righties. There’s a difference there, but not as much as you’d hope for a ‘specialist’.

  7. I’ll add that if they had already given up on the game, given the state of the bullpen after the previous one, I think they might’ve left Byrdak on there. Why not? Sure you run the risk of him crumpling into a sobbing wreck on the mound, but on the other hand you run the chance of getting away without using more of your already somewhat abused bullpen. The fact that they took him out seems to indicate that they were still angling for a comeback, which makes Seay’s performance sting all the more.

  8. On the bright side, both bullpen destructions were away games, so only eight innings of pitching were required.

  9. Holy shit, a human actually posted comment #4? If so, how old was that specimen? His rant reminded me of what I used to imagine myself telling the Geography professor that flunked me in 5th grade.
    On a different note, it was a shame that Bondo wasn’t more chatty — I always thought of him as the clich

  10. ivantopumpyouup

    somebody actually WANTED a neifi!!! autograph and he big leagued them? haha, whatever, neifi. you suck, go back to colorado plz. and take jose mesa with you.

  11. Kurt, I actually thought that. “Oh thank cats, they won’t have to use another pitcher because the home team’s ahead.” Every cloud, silver lining, etc.
    Carlos, it’s probably a kid… if it isn’t, I have severe worries about an adult who doesn’t understand jokes that obvious. :P And Bondo is very, uh, wooden in every interview of him I’ve ever seen. So I wasn’t really surprised.
    ivan, I know, right? Unbelievable. And btw I have a bunch of Vance photos from the Tuesday game, I thought of you when he ended up in the frame for the 800th time. Heh.

  12. Mike Rabelo is a cutie!

  13. Tiff, you make number two.

  14. […] Jeremy Bonderman’s blister is not getting better, contrary to what he told Samara recently. So he hit the disabled list Wednesday. That sounds like bad news. It probably isn’t good news. But there is good news nonetheless: Andrew Miller is coming up from AA-Erie to start in his stead Friday against St. Louis. He won’t return to the minors until Bonderman can pitch, Jason Beck writes. […]

  15. When u wrote about Mike Rabelo gettin macked on. Well U must not have ever been to Erie. All the girls in Erie loved his Country Boy style!!!

  16. I have never been to Erie, no. And I’m sorry, but when you say “Country Boy style” I keep imagining a Mike Rabelo sculpture made of fried chicken and… yeah, I expect that’s not where you were going with that. Although maybe it is? If so, that’s awesome.

  17. just curious how you bad you think bobbys pitching was this year? 2.33 ??? seems to me like your foot is still in your mouth like it should be …… great job leyland for giving a kid a chance

  18. The fact that you’re commenting on a months-old post that wasn’t even mostly about Bobby Seay displays a disturbing obsession with the man, Jon…

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