pug marks, May 16

photo by Samara Pearlstein

It is raining like the dickens here, and thundering, and there’s a tornado watch on the western part of the state, so while everyone is going to TRY to get the game in tonight, I’m not at all sure that we will. Hopefully we will. Just had a few things I wanted to dump on you lot anyways.

pug mark 1
Sean Casey feeds the homeless, is too awesome for words. Only not quite, because the Herald managed a whole article’s worth of words on him, and I’m adding to it here.

Apparently, after Monday’s game Casey didn’t go back to the hotel, instead going to Lawrence so he could be up at 6 am to work at a meal center. You guys. I can’t even express the awesomeness that is Sean Casey. The dude deserves a medal or something just for helping to restore my faith in the fact that there are anti-Barry-Bondses and anti-ARods in baseball these days.

pug mark 2
You know how I’ve been puzzling and sobbing uselessly over Bondo’s first inning struggles? Of course you do. We’ve all noticed it, and we’ve all been helplessly horrified by it.

Well, a new Motown Tiger calling himself Sven Draconian showed up on the boards, and he comes bearing answers. It’s fascinating, it makes sense, and he’s a very very very dedicated scorer. Top work, Sven Draconian.

pug mark 3
You may notice a little box-a-ma-jig on the right-hand side of this post. It’s a new feature here at MVN that allows me to occasionally point you guys in the direction of Take 75 North, the Detroit Tigers minor league blog here at the Network. It’ll show a couple of Matt’s most recent posts, which are good reads, because Matt is perhaps unhealthily obsessed with the Tigers’ minor league teams. He’s not photoshopping their heads onto penguins, though, so it’s definitely a safer bet than over here. Go read!

pug mark 4
Some old dude is going around Michigan telling people that he’s Brandon Inge’s dad, but he isn’t. Weird. Just weird.

pug mark 5
Photos photos photos photos photos!

The photo set from the first game of this series (Dice-K/Nate) is now up on flickr. There will be a proper photo post at the end of the series, but if you want to check that one out first, thar she be.

ADDED pug mark 6
Bondo to the DL. Blah. It’s retroactive though, so I think he doesn’t miss more than his next supposed start. Better to let it heal completely than having him tear up his finger more and adding a patch of scarring to it that screws up his pitching.

ADDED pug mark 7
The rainout means that I hauled my rear all the way downtown and back just to sit in traffic. Auuuugh. I’ll be at the afternoon game tomorrow, which means waking up EARLY, whine whine whine. Dunno ’bout the night game, it depends on whether or not my brother goes to that one. Either way, posting may take a bit to recover, as I’ll be a gibbering wreck and have to be up early to work on Friday. I plan to spend this entire weekend not moving.

3 responses to “pug marks, May 16

  1. Nice photo of possibly the best hitter in the AL (Big Papi) and possibly the worst (Neifi) right next to each other. Must be like how opposite poles of magnets are attracted to each other.

  2. Private Magglio Ordonez and Carlos Guillen Signing!!
    May 21, 2007!
    For more info contact Ted @ 813-749-8560 ext. 22
    or by email at info@elite-sports-marketing.com

  3. Jeff, they were chatting for quite a while, who knows what about. I take it as further proof that Papi is just a real nice guy. Maybe he was being charitable.

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