Maroth has trouble containing Angel balls, and a critique of Tiger art (!!!)

photo illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Eh. That about sums it up. Not the worst control I’ve seen Maroth have, and his Exceptional Mental Makeup will doubtless be fine even following his first loss of the season; it wouldn’t be so Exceptional if he were easily rattled. The Rally Monkey Angels just hit him well, and when they hit him it went out of the park. Boom. Ball, meet bat. Ball, get little feathery angel wings. Mike Maroth, get sad frowny face.

He WAS just sick with the flu (or at least those ubiquitous “flu-like symptoms” that dog baseball clubhouses all year long), and hadn’t been eating because his poor stomach does not have the same Exceptional Makeup and toughness that his mind has. I guess he could have been a little weak today, which might have led to him leaving the ball up a little, which might have led to Angel homers. I’m sure he wouldn’t venture to use it as an excuse, but eh, there it is.

As for the Tiger bats… the Rally Monkeys played sick defense. What can you say? Some of those balls would have been hits on another night.

Really the worst part of this game was having to watch them suddenly come to life in the 9th inning, giving us all hope… that insane, swooping hope you get when it seems like the highly improbable is about to happen right before your baseball-loving eyes, and then…. it doesn’t. That was a little agonizing.

Ehhhhhh. I can’t even get too fired up about this loss. I just want to see Bondo come back, which he should do for his next scheduled start (that’s Thursday, mind you). Tomorrow is Colon/Durbin, which, aside from being a matchup wildly in the Rally Monkeys’ favor, has the potential to lead to some EXCELLENT headline generation. So you know there’s stuff to look forward to.

National Doodle Day is a fundraiser to raise money for “education, advocacy… and research” about neurofibromatosis. The idea is that they get celebrities (of varying levels of fame) to make little doodles, which they then auction off to raise money.

I point this out here because they had 3 Tigers submit doodles, and OBVIOUSLY WE MUST REGARD THEM CLOSELY. The images link to the eBay auctions for each doodle, where you can see them larger.

First up, Sean Casey.

It kind of looks like he just signed his name over and over again in differing levels of sloppiness. I think I see a “Mayor” thrown in there too. There’s also a… I hesitate to call it a person, since the limbs appear to be sausages, but there’s a FIGURE in there anyhow. Maybe it’s a self-portrait. In which case we can only tell the Mayor that his ears really aren’t that big, he doesn’t have to feel so bad about them.

Next! Ernie Harwell!!

Nice and simple. His handwriting is good. The baseball is recognizeable. He could have gotten a little crazier with it, I think… after all, it’s National Doodle Day, not National Design a Greeting Card Day, and in this sense the Mayor has him beat. But it’s Ernie Harwell, so that’s at least 50 awesomeness points right there.

My personal favorite of the bunch (when it comes to doodles, anyhow), Jordan Tata.

This one you’ve GOT to see large. He actually. Drew. A mudhen. WADING THROUGH A MARSH. Wearing a baseball hat. HE SPENT TIME CAREFULLY RENDERING THE TEXT LOGO OF THE TEAM. This is an amazing piece of doodlework and my estimation of Jordan Tata is at least doubled by it. He obviously spent some time and thought on it. HE DREW A MUDHEN. I may never get over this.

11 responses to “Maroth has trouble containing Angel balls, and a critique of Tiger art (!!!)

  1. Dave B Wagner

    Excellent piece of half-assedry, Casey.

  2. ivantopumpyouup

    I screamed unpleasant things at the leftfielder and center fielder (aka NotVlad and StillNotVlad). I also screamed at Maroth, I admit it.
    And I am majorly impressed with Tata’s mad drawing skillz. But I wish they’d asked Joel too. He mentioned during ST that his favorite downtime hobby was to sketch!

  3. Well Tater (as my wife and I call him) certainly has had time to do plenty of doodling this season. Plus, Leyland did say at the end of Spring Training last season that his wife wanted to adopt (not-so) young Jordan.
    That sketch is awesome, though. I can just picture him walking around the lockerroom showing the other guys, “Look at this. I was just screwing around, but LOOK at this! It’s pretty good, right?”

  4. I’m fascinated by the little collection of baseball items on the left in Tata’s drawing… A glove, 2 bats crossed (uncross those bats, it’s bad luck!) next to a couple of balls, but then, above that… What? Laptop? Suitcase (symbol of journeymen minor leaguers everywhere)? Is that possibly a scorebook? Clipboard on which to chart pitches?
    Mad piece of work, though… I’m impressed.

  5. ivan, seriously re: Zoom? My god. That would be amazing. I dunno how recently they had these done, though… can Zoom doodle with his arm-club in place?
    Matt, I enjoy that mental image. It’s also less vaguely creepy than Brett Tomko making loving drawings of his teammates, which is only other baseball art thing to immediately comes to my mind.
    Jeff, I think it’s a base lying on its side. You know, with the stake coming out of it.
    Dave, I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he’s going the abstract expressionist route. The scribbles… the crudely rendered figure… it’s all very de Kooning. :)

  6. Dave B Wagner

    Also, there’s something indescribably beautiful about Tata’s passion for his AAA team.

  7. Great find!
    You missed Shelton, who, bless his heart, is a Tigers fan still!

  8. Dave, I know. I mean, he took the whole mudhen thing and had tons of fun with it. That takes serious dedication to the bird.
    Shelton’s wasn’t up when I was looking, I don’t think! Yay, ’tis lovely.

  9. Dave B Wagner

    Okay, Shelton’s just makes me want to cry.

  10. […] Samara discovered some doodlings by some Tigers, minor leaguers and Ernie Harwell for National Doodle Day. My discovery? Chris Shelton is still a Tigers fan even after being jerked around. […]

  11. ivantopumpyouup

    Yeah! They talked about it on the pre-season special IIRC. He kind of sheepishly admitted it was his favorite downtime hobby. Next to Guitar Hero I suppose. I don’t expect he’s drawing a lot with that cast on his hand, sadly. Or maybe he could switch hit and decorate said cast with doodles. That would be amazing. (Then he could auction it off on eBay.)

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