Todd Jones flees the devil ray

photo illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Did we seriously just lose to the Devil Rays?

See, I’m not sure. I didn’t watch the game, because I was busy living in a world where it was a beautiful night at Fenway, THE RACIST LOGOS LOST, Curt Schilling was on fire, Mike Lowell nearly turned a triple play, Kevin Youkilis hit an inside-the-park home run, Trot Nixon returned home to an adoring crowd, there was wacky controversy at the end, and did I mention that THE RACIST LOGOS LOST? Great night for baseball.

I had, of course, been keeping my eye on the out-of-town scoreboard on the Monster throughout the game, and noted that except for one period of time when we seemed to be tied at 2, the Tigers were leading. Either I got so caught up in the controversy at the end and didn’t notice, or the Tigers game went much later than the Red Sox game, because the very last time I checked, we had been up, and I headed home happy in the assumption that it had been a trifecta day: Red Sox win, Tigers win, Yankees lose.


It looks like it was another serviceable if unspectacular outing from Durbin. As I will continue to say until he starts slowing down, this is all we can ask from him. He is not Kenny Rogers, but if he can go 6 innings with only 2 runs (and only 1 of those earned)… heck, some days that’s all you can ask of Kenny Rogers.

Even the bullpen, although they allowed the D’Rays to chip away at the lead, more or less did their job.

Then came Rollercoaster Jones.

This is why we call him Rollercoaster Jones. Some days he blows away the opposition. Some days he puts men on base and makes everyone Incredibly Tense and then he pulls a save out of his walrus mustache. Some days he puts men on base and gives up a walkoff two-run single to a baby Devil Ray who thinks it’s no big deal to threaten to kill his wife. Whee.

As with every Rollercoaster Jones outing, you just have to grit your teeth and hope that you can forget about the loss as quickly as he will.

This would not be so painfully galling if it hadn’t come as a continuation of a losing streak… but I’m still basking in the glow of that Sox win/RLs loss, so I will only be properly infuriated if it continues tonight.


2 responses to “Todd Jones flees the devil ray

  1. Dave B Wagner

    “Did we seriously just lose to the Devil Rays?” Nah, I assume yesterday was just a really weird dream. That would explain this thing I think I read about beetles.

  2. […] Samara, aka, the blogger with the funny illustrations, used her senior art thesis to promote the game of baseball among beetles. She wrote a pretty entertaining essay and included quite a few pretty cool illustrations. Definitely go check it out. The text is as entertaining as the pictures. However, she failed to include whether the lady bugs liked to stare longingly at watch Inge as much as she does. […]

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