Sheffield and friends, if by 'friends' you mean 'offensive insanity'

photo by Samara Pearlstein

Well, I guess the offense from this game made up for all the offense we HADN’T had in the previous, what, 4 games?

The score today was 14-2. There were 2 runs tacked on by the Tigers in the 9th, when they already had a 12-2 lead. Now that’s just mean.

Everyone had a hit. Every single person in the lineup had a hit. Curtis Granderson pinch ran and he came away with TWO hits. Brandon Inge nudged his average up until he’s ALMOST hitting .220! Pudge was a triple short of the cycle! Curtis Granderson tripled! Gary Sheffield hit TWO home runs!

Now, you all know my feelings on Gary Sheffield. But even I have to acknowledge the charming majesty of hitting two big home runs (for a total of 5 RBI) in a game. Five RBI are enough to win some games by themselves. Today it was just a drop in the bucket of offense we decided to dump all over the Rays, but it was a mighty fine drop nonetheless.

Polanco went 3-for-6, Carlos went 1-for-5, and Maggs went 2-for-5, if you were wondering how the big consistent bats did in a game like this.

This was also another encouraging outing from Bondo. He didn’t go particularly deep (only 6.1 innings), but he didn’t walk a single guy, and he got out of the first inning unscathed this time around. I believe we may declare his blister/cut/whatever now healed. The key is to keep it from recurring… hopefully the training staff has that under control and is monitoring the Bondo fingertip situation closely.

The whole thing was even MORE encouraging because Wilfredo Ledezma was the only reliever who had to come in, and he did his job quite well. If the only guy we can trust in the ‘pen right now is Wilfredo Ledezma… well, we’ve got issues. Not necessarily with Ledezma himself (might he finally be coming into his own? like we’ve been hoping for years?), but with everyone else in the ‘pen. Which is what I’ve been sayin’. Eh.

As I always say after big offensive days, we have to just hope the bats aren’t all dead tomorrow as a result. I’m all in favor of disproving old axioms, and the “score big one day, quiet bats the next, you used them all up” schtick is one of oldest and most persistent.


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