hot bats and new faces

Justin Verlander teaches Rick Porcello the ways of the Tigers, by Samara Pearlstein

Potential new faces, anyhow… assuming Mr. Dombrowski can stomach working with Scott Boras long enough to eventually get some deals done. I suggest wearing gloves, Mr. D. It might make you feel cleaner in spite of the whole odious interaction.

So, the MLB draft. I watched some of the televised broadcast, at least until the Red Sox game started. It wasn’t really any more or less boring than the NFL draft, so I guess it had that going for it. Some of the ‘analysts’, however, were near-intolerable. One guy, I forget who, I think a Baseball America editor or something of that sort, seemed to actually be falling asleep while he was talking on camera for much of the event. Come on, buddy, how often do you get to be on national TV? Drum up a little enthusiasm. If YOU’RE painfully bored, imagine how much more exponentially bored the viewers are going to be.

There weren’t any Wolverines taken on the first day, which gives me the frowny face and lowered my interest in the proceedings considerably. I have to admit that every time a Vanderbilt player was selected, though, I chuckled knowingly. I don’t care that they were the top-ranked team in the nation for much of the season. I don’t care how good their individual players are. They lost to Michigan, therefore they are, in my mind, NOBODY.

The big Tigers pick was first-rounder Rick Porcello. Everywhere I look I see comparisons between him and Justin Verlander. Porcello can feel pretty good about that comparison… Verlander’s youth and success make him the kind of pitcher that probably EVERY young pitcher in the draft wants to be compared to. IF we manage to sign Porcello (big fat stinking ‘if’, thanks to Scott Boras and the dollar symbols in his beady little eyes), I hope that Verlander will take the kid under his wing a bit and train him up on pitching and handling the majors at a tender age.

For more and better draft coverage you must check out Take 75 North, the RotT minor league writin’ partner. He actually knows what he’s talking about, while I’m just as likely to write about ERA comparisons as I am to write about penguins.

There was actual baseball played too (although I didn’t see it… party for my friend and all), and the offense once again scared the pants off of the Rangers. Granderson apparently hit TWO triples… and they aren’t playing in Comerica, mind you, they’re in Texas. So it’s not as though Granderson is taking advantage of the giant Comerica outfield here. I also note that Sheffield PAWS homered again, which is really turning into a sick amount of home runs in a short period of time. It should normalize again after this hot streak, though, right? I mean, that’s how these things work, right?

More to the hitting point, Brandon Inge had two MORE hits tonight (one of them a double), a walk, and 3 RBI. Seriously, breaking his toe was the best thing to ever happen to him. His average jumped all the way up to .233 with this game. Respectability is peeking around the corner!


2 responses to “hot bats and new faces

  1. Yeah, Jim Callis was awful on the draft telecast. Each time I saw him, I imagined someone holding a gun behind the camera, forcing him to chime in with analysis.
    But frankly, I’ve seen hostage videos with more enthusiasm.

  2. Maybe he was high. That would explain the drooping, exhausted eyes.

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