that game was for the birds

photo by Samara Pearlstein

By which I mean, that game was messy and awkward and weird. But I also mean: YAY SEAGULLS!

I can’t be the only one who spent much of the game utterly charmed by the large flock of seagulls that decided to camp in the outfield. If you didn’t see the game or were watching another broadcast that didn’t mention them…. well, there was a large flock of seagulls that spent much of the game camping in the outfield. Or flying in front of the cameras. At one point one of them walked sedately across the infield between the pitching mound and home plate as though it hadn’t a care in the world. Obviously these were hardened baseball seagulls, because the fact that they were in the middle of a huge group of screaming people, with people running around near them and balls flying at them did not seem to bother them in the slightest.

I’ve seen mourning doves land on the field during games before. I even once saw a couple of them getting fed by bored bench players on the edge of the dugout in Fenway. But mourning doves are incredibly stupid birds, and seagulls are a little more…. well, not exactly intelligent, but at least more ‘with it’. I was surprised to see them all out there.

Surprised and pleased, because it provided distraction from the fact that Bondo had serious issues in the first inning AGAIN, although he got out of it with only one weirdly acquired run that wasn’t entirely his fault. That didn’t stop him from throwing a billion pitches and struggling to find the strikezone and throwing a billion more pitches.

Ninety-two pitches over 6 innings? Bondo, babe, Chad Durbin threw less than that over 8-and-two-batters last night. Chad Durbin =/= Jeremy Bonderman but, y’know, I thought Bondo was the better half of that equation. Am I mistaken? MY WORLDVIEW IS CRUMBLING DOWN AROUND ME.

Luckily for us all, the usual suspects were up to their usual tricks. Pudge, Guillen, and MOST ESPECIALLY Placido Polanco were handy with the bat, and they managed to give us enough of a cushion to survive the treacherous trail that is the bullpen these days. Rollercoaster Jones was his usual rollercoaster self, but this time ended it on an upswing.

FERNANDO RODNEY IS PANTS. I nearly blew a blood vessel when he gave up that blast. Er, is that an inappropriate joke to make on a team that saw both Kenny Rogers and Craig Dingman actually blow out blood vessels? Ah well.

Anyways. A win is a win. Tomorrow is the Tiger Cub vs. Methuselah, so that should be interesting. We might get blown out of the water, but it should be interesting regardless of how it goes down.


4 responses to “that game was for the birds

  1. Seagulls scare me…I’m always afraid that they’ll try to put my eyes out or worse…I was on Belle Isle the other day here in Detroit, and a couple of them flew by and almost gave me heart problems.

  2. I’ve been reading you all season and I love your stuff. Today was the 1st time I felt compelled to comment. I, like you follow the Tigers on MLB Extra Innings. As you know, today’s game was not available. I hate that! I’m in Phoenix, where it is 100 degrees and I didn’t get to witness Pudge destroy the Mets. When it’s this hot it’s not fair to be disappointed. Oh well, it’s 4:00 pm Pacific and time to watch the great ASU Sun Devils dismantle Ole Miss in our Super Regional. You don’t care, but I attended last night’s ASU game, which we won by scoring 3 runs in the bottome of the ninth. I’m hoping for more excitement tonight (the game is on ESPN2). Thanks, keep up the good work!

  3. Yup, I was pretty pissed off about that. Just because the game wasn’t on FSN Detroit… ugh. I mean, I know I’m lucky enough to have EI this summer (last summer was a loooot of driving around listening to satellite radio until I went back to school in the fall), but it’s just infuriating to pay for the package (or, uh, to have someone in your household pay for it) and to not actually get all the games. Especially interesting matchups like today’s was.

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