be brave, Ledezma

photo by Samara Pearlstein

I heard the news that Ledezma had been traded to the Braves for Macay McBride while I was in the car with my dad, driving to Lowell to watch the Lowell Spinners play the Oneonta Tigers. We both kind of looked at the radio and said, “Wait, what?” I had to admit that I didn’t really know anything about McBride except for the fact that his nickname amongst the Braves was “Fatboy” (not kidding. That’s what Chipper Jones called him).

I’m just a little perplexed by this trade still. We’ve been pretty patient with Ledezma, it seems, because everyone appears to agree that the nebulous Potential is still there, he just has trouble accessing it consistently. So….. we’re willing to sit and wait for four seasons, but suddenly we decide we’ve had enough?

At the start of this season I was in the “he’s still young, and I still think he can put it all together and be pretty darn good” camp when it came to Ledezma. He’s had his ups and downs, but some of his streaks this season have been quite encouraging (although, to be even MORE encouraging, they shouldn’t be streaks at all, of course). And I think people forget how young he is because, like Bondo, he’s been up since ’03. He’s still only 26. It’s not as though he’s a washed-up 35 year old reliever. He’s a kid in his 20s who can still maybe start one day.

McBride, obviously, is also young (younger). I just don’t think he has the same kind of starting potential that Ledezma has/had. Plus, he’s one of those kids who grew up in Georgia (no doubt rooting for the Braves), went to school in Georgia, got drafted by the Braves, and has only ever played for the Braves. I wonder what a move to a team other than the Braves (and a team in the harsh American League, to boot) will do to his psyche.

I suppose what’s most bothering me is that I don’t feel like we’ve gotten back our investment in Ledezma with this trade. Like… really? That was his peak value? A lefty-specialist type no more consistent than he is, and with maybe less upside? If the Tigers didn’t think Ledezma was going to work out, maybe they should have moved him years ago, when he was, y’know, younger and more likely to net us more in a trade. So this “nope, sorry, suddenly decided this is the end of the line” business is weird and I don’t like it.

I think I read somewhere that McBride has options left (and can thus be sent to the minors if need be) while Ledezma does not have options, but this strikes me as an insufficient reason to send 4+ years’ worth of pitching cultivation packing.

Oh, and I guess the Tigers beat up on the Nats again today, but apparently anyone can do that now. No big.


7 responses to “be brave, Ledezma

  1. Grilli should’ve gone.

  2. Yeah, I dunno, it just seems odd to me. Of course, if we were gonna move anyone I would have wanted it to be Fernando…

  3. “Tigers beat up on the Nats again today, but apparently anyone can do that now”
    Anyone except the Orioles, that is.
    /weeps in shame

  4. The logic behind the trade:
    1) McBride has options. Not a lot of the Tigers’ pitching is in the same boat outside of Miller, Verlander, Bonderman. Granted, Toledo would like one of those three in their rotation for the playoffs, but…
    2) If you don’t want Rodney, Grilli, Moroth, or what makes you think anyone else wants them enough to give up a player with any value. You have to give up a player with value to get a player with value. The other general managers aren’t so stupid as to be suckered every time. Heck, Parker of the Detroit News was on record as late as last year as thinking the Tigers got ripped in the Weaver trade.
    3) Ledezma is a lefthanded starter who was never going to get a chance with the Tigers. As a potential rotation of Bonderman, Rogers, Verlander, Miller/Moroth, Robertson/Moroth has already has three lefties, Wil was not going to get a chance to start with this club, so his upside is something the Tigers can’t take advantage of. Atlanta has him in mind for a slot in the rotation in the future. Sometimes you have to think about the player’s career.

  5. I wouldn’t mind seeing Miller get some more seasoning at Toledo. I know people think he’s ready NOW NOW NOW, but I’d rather see him in September.
    I reckon we could’ve got more for Maroth than we could/did for Ledezma. His proven upside (as a starter) is higher. If the Tigers really wanted to get bang for their buck and free up a lefty slot while they were at it, I would’ve assumed Maroth would go.

  6. You know, if De La Cruz proves he’s big-league ready over the next month or so, and let’s say Zumaya is doing well on rehab come mid-July… And if Fernando Rodney is in one of his hot streaks at the time… Teams are always looking for bullpen help, I’d bet you could get some value for him right around the trade deadline. Certainly my (adopted) hometown Phillies could use help in the bullpen, and they’re far from the only team out there. Now what they could give us, Lord only knows (though they do have a young-ish catcher in the pipeline that I haven’t thought in some time, Jaramillo… Turns out he’s struggling at AAA and will turn 25 in October), but I would think that, for a pitcher like Rodney, you could pretty much have an auction and take the best offer, because there would be more than a few.

  7. I think you may see Maroth go as well. Maybe soon. Maybe later. I just don’t se him around next year.
    Hmmm! Next years rotation…
    Bonderman, Miller, Verlander, Robertson, & someone else.

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