into enemy territory: Maroth traded to the Cardinals

photo illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Word on the internet street is that Mike Maroth has been traded to the dread Red Birds. As of right now, it’s unclear who (or what) the Tigers have received in return.

So, who’s left from the 2003 team now? Inge, Bondo, Infante, Nate, Fernando, and Craig, right? Alas, those who remember the Tigers at their worst, and who can thus appreciate the Tigers NOW all the better, are dwindling fast.

I’ll miss Maroth, and I bloody well hope we got someone glorious for him. I suppose Albert Pujols is out of the question, eh?
The Cardinals had better appreciate his Exceptional Mental Makeup over there.

More details as they become available.

edit: We’re getting a currently faceless Player To Be Named Later for Maroth. I guess we can get him any time before September 15. It’ll be some minor leaguer… I hope we’ve got someone down there scouting the snot out of the Cards’ system. And it might not seem like much, but just remember, kids and cats: Bondo was a PTBNL too.


9 responses to “into enemy territory: Maroth traded to the Cardinals

  1. I expected this, and yet I still almost fell off of my chair when I read that he was traded…

  2. This is 2007, right? How is it possible that no media outlet knows who Maroth was traded for?

  3. Nobody knows yet–it’s for a player to be named later. Kinda makes you want to hurl, doesn’t it? Mikey was my number 1 and I can’t believe he’s gone. *weeps*

  4. ivantopumpyouup

    I guess it’s irrational of me, but I wanted the ’03 guys to stay together long enough to win a World Series. Alas, not to be.
    Happy trails, Mikey.

  5. As part of the” enemy”, I still remember the 1968 series. Last year we just got even,that”s all.When Maroth steps foot in St. Louis, your no. 6 or 7 guy will become our best so I’m not going to feel to sorry for you guys.

  6. Damn straight he’ll be the best! :) You’ll absolutely love Mikey. You couldn’t be getting a better pitcher or person. Enjoy him and treat him right. He’ll be sorely missed in Detroit.

  7. Whitney, I know, right? I suppose I sort of thought once Ledezma was traded that maybe we were in for a break, but I guess not.
    Yeah, Pat, he was traded for the POSSIBILITY of a player, not anyone specific. THAT is baseball in 2007. :)
    Colt, I can imagine… well, I’m trying NOT to imagine, because that would involve me imagining that Brandon Inge has been traded, and if I start going there I’m going to have to cry in the corner for a while. *internet hugs*
    ivan, I kind of did too. It’s like, after all they went through, ESPECIALLY Maroth and Bondo, it would be so nice to have them see the other end of that in the form of a WS ring. Fitting, yeah? But woe, that is not how baseball works. SIGH.
    Sid, I have no memory of the ’68 series, so last year is MY experience of the “rivalry”. Heh. You don’t have to feel bad for us, and c’mon now, Maroth is definitely more a 5 guy than a 6 or 7 guy… :P

  8. Dave B Wagner

    Maroth’s first Cardinals start: 7 innings, 2 hits, 1 ER. He also hit a single, made a sac bunt, and stole a base.

  9. Dude! We could have gottten so much more than a minor league guy for Maroth.

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