Tigers put up some fireworks

photo illustration by Samara Pearlstein
Hope you all had a good 4th of July. It certainly seems like the Tigers did, judging from the way they came out swinging the bats today.
There was some chatter to the effect that this game, Sabathia vs. Verlander, would determine the All Star Game starter. If that was indeed the case, Verlander’s got to start now, doesn’t he? (Barring a crrrrazy-good outing from Beckett tonight, which is always a possibility.) One guy goes 7 innings and gives up 3 runs, only 2 earned, on 6 hits, with 7 Ks…. the other guy goes 4 innings and gives up 7 runs, all earned, on 10 hits, with 3 Ks. What do you call that? I call it Verlandomination (note to self and fellow bloggers: term does not work as well as “Bondomination”).
Stuff it was nice to see happen in this game:
-The aforementioned Verlandomination, with extra special happyjoyjoy because it came against the Indians, a team Verlander has had trouble with this season.
-Polanco’s third homer. As usual, Placido Polanco homering is a surefire sign of a struggling pitcher. Carlos and Sheffield homered as well, but it’s Polanco’s longball that made everyone in the world aware of Sabathia’s difficulty with all things baseball today.
-Magglio riding up on the All Star break batting .370. Nobody can say that it’s a small sample size anymore. In fact, his line is .370/.448/.613. Does that make you wee yourself a little in excitement? Or is it just me?
-Every starter getting at least one hit. Thank you CC!! Hugs and kisses!
-Mr. Capellan having a hit-free outing. More of this, please, good sir.
-Only 2 of the 12 Tiger batters who hit today have a BA under .240, and one of them is Neifi!!!, which is how the world should be.
The other is Craig Monroe, which is most emphatically NOT good (and I know some of you readers agree most wholeheartedly on that point). We’ve had quite a few ups and downs with the Craigger, but it may be time to start thinking about making him go away. Do we wait for Cameron Maybin to achieve a state of major league readiness and move Granderson over to left? Do we trade for help now? I don’t know. I just know that it’s not OK for us to be getting less production from our left fielder than we’re getting from a broken-toed third baseman who spent the entire first part of the season dragging his stats through the dirt.
Next up is Boston, which means a glorious period of brain breaky for me as I try to root for everyone at once. Expect insanity ’round these parts.
Oh, and voting just closed on the Final Man Vote for the ASG. I don’t know when they announce the results; most of the voting (all of it, maybe?) was electronic, so it shouldn’t be much longer before we know if Bondo’s going or not. Will keep you updated.
edit: Ah well, it’s Okajima. At least it’s not as though Bondo got beat out by someone less deserving.

5 responses to “Tigers put up some fireworks

  1. We gave it the old college try, Bondo. Sorry Tiger Nation failed you.
    The win, on the other hand, was glorious! GLORIOUS! Verlandomination indeed.

  2. In their post-game highlights of the Detroit-Cleveland game, ESPN did a comparison of who they thought were the two leading candidates for starting AL pitcher: Sabbathia and Beckett. I was a bit annoyed that they thought there were only two candidates, and that Verlander or Herrin weren’t included.
    Which brings up another item about Boston. It’s a fact that the whole MLB targets the NYY as being the evil and all-powerful empire, etc. And in most states, if you’re caught wearing a NYY hat, you’re likely to get accosted in some way (and rightfully so). But what

  3. Ordonez has a 1.079 OPS+!
    So he’s 79% better than the average player, and 579% better than Neifi Perez.
    Monroe put up a .195/.220/.286 in June, and is doing much worse in July. Surely, Thames or Infante could do better? The Tigers should think about getting Monroe out of the lineup, AFTER this weekend.

  4. tiff, glorious indeed!
    John, who on earth is Herrin? If you’re gonna claim that East Coast Bias is evil, the least ya can do is learn the names of some West Coasters. :P
    The reason the Red Sox (and also the Tigers, and many other similar teams) are not considered an “evil empire” like the Yankees has little to do with payroll and everything to do with attitude. With the Yankees, there is a kind of assumption that baseball IS the Yankees. That every greatest player who ever lived was a Yankee. That championships are BY RIGHT theirs. Boston fans are many things (loud, annoying, prone to wearing blinders, whatever), and the Red Sox have an enormous payroll, and obviously everyone in Boston WANTS to win, but there is not that same sort of ASSUMPTION that Boston DESERVES to win on some ridiculous cosmic level.
    Maybe Boston fans are arrogant, but it’s an arrogance tempered by years and years of being beaten over the head with bad luck and bad management. Yankee fans are just arrogant, period.
    (of course there are excellent Yankee fans, just as there are a-hole Red Sox fans, and just as there are Tigers fans I’m equally ashamed to be associated with. I’m talking general majority here)
    Mike, 579%? That is disgusting. That kind of difference shouldn’t even exist in baseball.

  5. Dave B Wagner

    I consider the Red Sox to be Yankees Lite, or Diet Yankees if you prefer. Keep in mind, however, that I’m also a huge Marlins fan, which might indicate that I just don’t like teams that do that silly “winning games” thing a lot.
    As for fans, both NY and BOS fans are infinitely better/more entertaining than Cleveland fans, who – at Comerica, at least – generally have the charisma of a diseased mongoose (though it is pretty cool to see that there’s a city in the world with an even greater inferiority complex than Detroit)

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