the Mighty Thames and other hitting creatures

photo illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Yeah, blatant image re-use. I figure Thames in the Thames warrants it, so tough luck.

And of course Marcus Thames gets the headline because HE warrants it, with a GRAND SLAM. T’was lovely, ‘though I have to admit that I winced a bit on Julian Tavarez’s behalf. I mean, ouch. He’s a RELIEVER, and he’s already done loads better starting that he should have, but tonight he pitched like a reliever. Sort of the opposite Chad Durbin, if you will.

After the Tigers had seen him a bit (i.e. after the lineup had already run through), Tavarez just got shelled. It happens to him sometimes, what with the whole reliever thing and all; and it’s likely to happen to an amazingly good hitting team like the Tigers, and it’s especially expected what with the The River’s wacky power-hitting abilities.

Big game for Granderson too: 3 for 5 with a home run. He also assisted in a throw out at the plate, after letting a ball get past him in the outfield for a triple… a triple by WILY MO PENA, not the fastest of fellows. The put-out was so well-executed that it had the Red Sox announcers singing his praises, though.

As in the previous game, everyone in the starting lineup got a hit. Well, almost everyone. Mike Rabelo didn’t manage one, but he’s a backup catcher and may have been distracted by the fact that he had to concentrate A LOT on his catching tonight.

At one point early in the game, when Miller was struggling and Rabelo had had to sprawl sideways to catch the ball, the (local Massachusetts) broadcast camera focused on Pudge in the dugout, looking mildly surly. We all know how much Pudge HATES sitting, and Miller’s control issues (and thus necessary catcher acrobatics) were probably driving him nuts from the bench.

Ryan Rayburn got called up (Matt’s got the story there) and even HE got a hit.

Although the score might make you think otherwise, this was a fairly easy game for my dual-fan brain to handle. The Red Sox fan side of me can just shrug and say, “Well, the Tigers have a lot of bats, and this was Julian Tavarez.” It would be a lot more galling if this kind of offensive night had come against Beckett or Matsuzaka, or if the game had been close.

The Red Sox brain is a liiiiiittle concerned about the Red Sox bats (Red Sox brain also wants Julio Lugo roasted over an open fire and fed to wild raccoons), especially because, while Miller pitched well, he was also pitching WILD for much of the night… but they had just had an offensive splurge the night before, and Fake Laws of Baseball dictate that a big offensive night be followed by a slow one, so.

Next game is Kason Gabbard vs. Bondo. I… yeah. If Bondo doesn’t win that pitching matchup, we’re gonna have some serious worried ranting to do.


3 responses to “the Mighty Thames and other hitting creatures

  1. Miller’s curveball looked unhittable last night. Combined with that lively heater, he is going to be a force for a long time.

  2. “Kason.”
    Give me a break.

  3. Hopefully Miller will pan out. Him, and Verlander, and Bondo… next Big Three?
    Carlos, I know. I knooooow. It’s ace.

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