all quiet on the Tiger front

photo illustration by Samara Pearlstein

OK. I’m going to the Red Sox/Orioles game tonight, and I’m going to try it make it there when the gates open (because I’m CRAZY like that), so I’m leaving right at 4. As of right this very moment, as I type, the Tigers have not made any trade deadline moves.

I’m a LITTLE disappointed. While I’m happy that we’re not selling the farm to make a run at the end of the year (a very short-sighted view of baseball, I think we will all agree), I would’ve liked to see if we couldn’t shore up the ‘pen a bit with cash and some sleight of hand. I knoooow everyone keeps saying that Fernando and Zoom are coming back, but I, for one, will not rejoice at Fernando’s return until he gives me several solid reasons to do so. His “pure stuff” is an intangible on a par with Derek Jeter’s “calm eyes”, so far as I am concerned, if he pitches like he did before his DL stint. It may be impressive, and it may make fangirl-types squeal breathlessly, but I don’t care unless it can be proven to do anything in the Real World.

It would have been interesting to see what Kyle Farnsworth could have done, removed from the twin negative influences of New York City and Joe Torre, but once the Yanks traded Proctor and failed to secure Gagne, I guess it wasn’t too likely that they’d denude their ‘pen even further.

It is totally possible that a trade will be made between the time when I post this (since I have to leave BY 4, this will be up slightly BEFORE 4), and the trade deadline itself (or something will be done, but we won’t hear about it ’til after). If a trade goes down, feel free to discuss it here so that I can see what’s what when I get back from the game.

If nothing happens, though, you may simply stare into the stony gaze of the mysterious and inscrutable Dombrowskiphinx. We must trust in his wisdom.


6 responses to “all quiet on the Tiger front

  1. ivantopumpyouup

    I’m more than a little disappointed they didn’t do anything to bolster the ‘pen. I’m also disappointed Jason Grilli is still wearing the Old English D. It makes me slightly nervous that they’re apparently banking on two guys coming off injury (including one coming off an injury like the one Zumaya is coming off of) to be the saviors. There are no guarantees that Zumaya will have the curveball, and Rodney wasn’t a guarantee before he DL’ed. So, I’m disappointed they didn’t make but one dinky little move to bring in a reinforcement.
    Also, Jason Grilli is still a Tiger. >:(

  2. While we need help in the pen, I don’t think the guys who were available were the answer. Gagne is the best of the bunch, is expensive and fragile, and the Red Sox parted with a decent 4th starter, a middling outfield prospect and a very talented but raw prospect to land him. While I may be a voice in the wilderness, I really believe that a healthy Rodney would make a huge difference, and if we get anything from Zumaya this year it will be a bonus.

  3. Your Beloved Red Sox seemed to have dealt for Gagne, which well….. makes their bullpen pretty unbeatable. In the case of playing them I’d assume the Tigers would want to beat up on the starting pitching just enough to keep them in the game for 7 innings, because who wants to get to that bullpen early?!?!

  4. Larry Patrick

    All in all there were too few MLB apples (some with worms and soft spots) and too many GM apple pickers this year. I think a knee jerk reaction like resigning a Kyle Farnsworth type is why cool Mr. Dave is the GM He hasn’t made too many stinker trades in his short time here. It’s like we need a little middle relief help but don’t sell the farm to get there. I say two or three baby birds in the hand is worth one old crow in the bush except for Jim Leland of course.

  5. I’m with Ivantopumpyouup .. I am NOT excited about Rodney’s return (I’m actually fearful of it)..and I put Grilli on the same page as I do Neifi. I get the same reaction (nausea, horror, depression, sadness, repulsion) I did when Neifi was in the lineup.

  6. Probably my favorite part about the non-motion trade deadline was that we didn’t follow up on the rumor that we wanted Jack Wilson from the Pirates (presumably to fill the Neifi Perez role, except that Wilson can hit more than once a week). If Carlos ain’t hurt (and, yes, I know he left last night’s game with a knee owie), I have no earthly idea why we’d be interested in Jack Wilson, with the possible exception of if the Pirates were in the mood to basically give him away for next-to-free, much like they did for us with Sean Casey.

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