pug marks, Aug. 2

photo illustration by Samara Pearlstein

pug mark 1
Billfer takes a look at how Todd Jones and Mike Rabelo don’t get along. On the mound. No word on whether Rabelo is always “accidentally” tripping Jonesy on the team plane or anysuchthing.

pug mark 2
Pretty FREAKIN’ HORRIFYING trade possibility detailed over at Pittsburgh Lumber Co. Virgil Vasquez and Brent Clevlen for Jack Wilson? Upgrade my “slightly disappointed” verdict of the trade deadline nonmoves to “thank cats we didn’t do anything,” because if “doing something” would have meant this trade… augh. It makes me twitchy just thinking about the possibility.

For more thoughts on this narrowly-escaped disaster, check out what Matt had to say about it.

pug mark 3
OK, the series in Oakland wasn’t exactly something most of us will look back on fondly. But if you want to redeem it slightly in your eyes, you’ve got to check out Colt’s on-the-site reporting. Day 1 and Day 2 are good stuff, but Day 3 is an absolute MUST READ.

pug mark 4
Curtis Granderson and Brandon Inge are having a little bit of a feud. Like so:

There is one player that will wish he was traded on our team after I finish with him (I say that jokingly). That player is Brandon Inge. The reason I say that is while we were in Anaheim, his hotel room was next to mine and he was able to get into my room while I went out to eat. He said my room was left unlocked, but I think he went to the front desk and grabbed a key, and broke in. Anyway, he ended up in my room with Raburn, and the two of them ended up flipping over all my furniture and turning on my shower (on hot). They turned on the light and left the door open so when I returned to my room I would think someone was in my room.

When I returned hours later, the first thought was that the hotel had given my room to someone else by accident. Then after looking at the rest of the room, the first person I thought of was Inge. Now that we will be home for most of this upcoming month, he will be off the hook for revenge. Once we make it back on the road, though, I’ll try my best to get him before the season is over. So if anyone has any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate them.
Granderson’s ESPN blog

I think Granderson might have some trouble going toe-to-toe with the child-like mind of Brandon Inge, when it comes to pranking. But if he proves me wrong and comes up with something spectacular, I can only hope that we get to hear allll about it.

pug mark 5
Between Sheffield’s numbing hand and the “pinching sensation” in Guillen’s knee, I think it’s time to break out the pinched nerve again.

He’s been busy.


7 responses to “pug marks, Aug. 2

  1. ivantopumpyouup

    Oh thank the gods that deal fell through.

  2. As your minor-league partner, Matt Wallace, so aptly noted, it just as easily could’ve been Eulogio and Clevlen for Wilson … which also, as a Pirate fan, would’ve made me smile.

  3. ivan, no kiddin’.
    Do not want, Cory. DO NOT WANT.

  4. Glad the Tigers didn’t do anything at the Trading deadline. You should see some of those comments that people left on his MySpace blog.

  5. Curtis’ MySpace friends are crazy! I mean not me, obviously. We are actually friends.
    I loved the Oakland account at Tigers on Top! Our boys are the best.

  6. What? Samara didn’t have a suggestion for Curtis Granderson?
    With the way Samara’s mind whirls, ya would have thought!

  7. Thanks for the props! :) And I’m really glad to be hearing about this possible Jack Wilson deal AFTER the deadline. If I’d heard about it before, who knows how many ulcers would’ve resulted … do you think we’ll get Clevlen back up anytime soon??

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