Tigers making messes

illustration by Samara Pearlstein

What… was… that… game.

The Marcus Thames grand slam was great. The energy that it put back into the ballpark was amazing, if short-lived, and it was great to see the River swinging his bat productively.

You might think that a grand slam and subsequent additional runs to put the Tigers ahead would energize them enough for a win. However, you would be mistaken, because you would have failed to account for the (lack of) pitching. Fernando Rodney came out smelling like bullpen roses compared to everyone else, which is simply shocking and terrible. McBride was agonizing; I don’t know if he was tired or what, but he sure was pitching he like he was totally gassed. Much to the delight of the A’s.

It’s pretty hard to find something to say about this game that isn’t, “Ewwwww! Ewwwww! Sloppy! Messy! HORRIFYING. Eeeeewwwwww!” I mean, how long did the top of the 6th take? Half an hour? An hour? My entire childhood? All are perfectly plausible answers!

Urrgh. It’s just as frustrating and un-fun to watch as when you see your cat go into the litter box and start kicking. You KNOW it’s going to result in cat litter all over the floor, but the cat just won’t listen, so you have to sit there and watch the mess being made. I’m sure all cat owners will understand this intuitively.

Sixteen to ten is just not a score that should ever happen in a baseball game. That’s messy beyond messy.

Anyways. I am out. Not out as in ‘done with the team’, obviously. Out, literally. I’m going on vacation for a few days to London, where the hours are unnatural and there is no baseball. Because it is of the UTMOST IMPORTANCE that someone stick around here in case big business goes down or what-have-you, there will be guest bloggage! Matt Wallace, the MVN Tigers minor league writer, will be taking the reigns and covering the games from Saturday through Wednesday (I’ll get home late Wed. night).

Now, he’s not an image-generator like I am, so his posts will make up for a lack of shiny with an abundance of intelligence. ALL FOR YOU, READERS!

Play nice with him; I’d like the site to still be in one piece when I get home.

2 responses to “Tigers making messes

  1. Basically, Leyland tried to stretch McBride well past what his role entails, and it predictably cost us the game. McBride is a LOOGY, not long relief. Sometimes Leyland’s bullpen management is nauseatingly lazy.

  2. I apologize to regular readers of Roar of the Tigers, but I went to do a post and realized there’s a problem with my administrative rights to post at this site. Until I get it straightened out, I’ll do my Tiger posts at Take 75 North.

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