Tigers Win and Maggs Kills the A's Again

Please forgive me if there were a lot of subtle goings on after the second inning. Because if there were, I very likely missed them.

For example, Rod Allen commented several times when he was “conversating” with Mario (he used that word twice today) that Nate Robertson just was not getting the calls on that inside corner. I believe it, too, because Dan Dickerson commented on the same thing on the radio. Further evidence was not only Robertson jawing at the ump when he was pulled with two outs in the sixth, but the ump giving it back to him. I guess that’s not really evidence, but both of those points seem like further support to the idea he was getting squeezed.

But I have to take their word for it, because after that eight run second inning I had kicked my fandom into cruise control. Even when I thought to myself, “Hmm, it seems like the ump is missing some calls”, I still couldn’t bring myself to focus enough to verify the hypothesis.

So what was the cause of this lack of focus? It was the eight run inning that both began and ended with Magglio Ordonez home runs. He had one of those achievements you will be unable to avoid hearing about if you flip on ESPN or surf any sports websites or pass a casual fan tomorrow in the office. He led the inning off with a home run the opposite way, just over the wall in right. Then after his teammates made it possible for him to come to the plate with two runners on and a 5-2 lead, he smoked a ball deep into left that would have been a no doubt home run even before they moved in Comerica’s fences.

That was two home runs in one inning, and you knew it wouldn’t be long before the stat guys would have it on the screen the last time such a thing happened. The radio guys were actually quicker than the crew on FSN. I was driving home with lunch when he did it, and they mentioned before I got out of the car that Al Kaline had done it in 1955 and he was the only other Tiger to ever do such a thing. When I got in the house, they were marveling about that same fact a few minutes later.

The second home run put the Tigers up 8-2, and let’s be honest: if your team can’t win after something like that, you really don’t want to be watching all that intently when they blow it. It’s actually a little unsettling that the idea of blowing it even entered my mind, but let’s just hope such fears are just haunting memories that will never be realized again this season. In reality, the A’s never pulled it closer than four runs again and just about every time they scored, the Tigers were able to extend the lead again.

So after the big inning and Maggs’ huge accomplishment, there wasn’t really much to snap me back into focus for the rest of the game. And while that may not be great for this entry, I consider it a very good thing for the Tigers.

Oh, and I’d just like to point out one more thing. I have blogged about the Tigers for one season and two games now. In the one full season, they went to the World Series and this season they have won both games I was responsible for blogging about. I’m not saying it’s me, but there are those who say there’s no such thing as coincidence.



5 responses to “Tigers Win and Maggs Kills the A's Again

  1. What I really liked about that game was the add-on runs after the A’s drew it to only 8-4. We haven’t seen that much lately, and it was nice to get a comfortable win for a change.

  2. If that’s the case Matt, then keep on blogging! Do what you can for the team!

  3. Where is Samara Pearlstein for cats sakes?

  4. When will Leyland take out the pitchers before the game gets out of hand? He waits much too long.

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