Verlander meets a dreaded but familiar enemy

photo illustration by Samara Pearlstein

So we can’t afford to drop anything against the Racist Logos with the race as tight as it is and yadda yadda holy cats I think I’m typing this same line over and over again every game. I should just have some buttons down at the bottom of the screen when I log in to MVN. One for “we can’t afford to lose games right now”, one for “the division race is too close for comfort”, and one for “asdflkjadsflkjlk Racist Logos”.

OK. Let’s look at this one seriously. Verlander just did not have his usual stuff. That wild pitch wasn’t exactly a sign of good location, nor were the 10 hits in 4 innings. It’s asking a lot of the bullpen to come in and shut down the R.L.s, a good hitting team despite their recent relative struggles, for 5 innings. The bullpen is a fragile entity. Good outings should be rewarded with rest, not further demands.

The offense did a lot of good things, led mostly by Maggs, as per usual. But it wasn’t enough. Uh, obviously. I have to admit that it’s hard to say good things about Brandon Inge right now as his batting average drops like a stone once again (although he IS hitting a lot of inbetweeny pops that are landing in gloves, which is just bad luck), and Granderson’s free swinging is starting to get pretty annoying, but most everyone else is hitting to a useful degree. When Verlander pitches like this, though, and when the bullpen acts like version Weenie instead of version Dominant, there’s just not much the bats can do.

I think we all know what REALLY happened here.


4 responses to “Verlander meets a dreaded but familiar enemy

  1. ivantopumpyouup

    . . . hahaha version Weenie. That probably shouldn’t have made me laugh, but it did.
    And damn, Pudge, I, as your namesake, expect better from you with two men on and a 3-1 count in your favor. You swung at ball four TWICE. Would it absolutely kill you to take a walk? Oh wait, it would? That’s why you only have five? Carry on.

  2. Self destruction is a disease that is beginning to spread. We can’t designate everyone for reassignment.

  3. Come on! The asdflkkhgakji INDIANS??? They’ve been scoring 2 runs per game, and we gave them 11?? I guess 1+1 is two but still…
    Spazzzy, can you go hide out in the visitors locker room for the rest of the homestand? and then go home with them??

  4. ivan, it sure seems like Pudge is making outs at the very end of games A LOT of late, usually when there’s some hint of a rally going on. It’s probably just back luck with his slotting in the order, but still.
    Larry, no, we can’t. But imagine if we COULD! What a motivator that would be…
    tiff, alas, the Spazzosaurus is apparently here to stay.

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