Nate Roberston says, "Really, Jake Westbrook? Seriously?"

Jake Westbrook, photo by Samara Pearlstein

Sigh. ‘Though I guess people could just as easily be saying “Really, Nate Robertson? Seriously?” Insane pitching performances from the both of them. Wily pitching performances. Long pitching performances. Fast pitching performances. Scoreless pitching performances.

For cats’ sakes, we have Justin Verlander and Jeremy Bonderman in the rotation, but it’s Nate Robertson and Jair Jurrjens who blow all our minds clean out of the water. And Jake Westbrook! Jake Westbrook, honestly.

Alas, only one can win. I guess the best thing you can say about this game is that at least Nate doesn’t get hung with the loss– THAT dubious honor goes to Zoom, who may have only pitched an ‘inning’ according to the stat sheet, but who really faced enough batters to count as two innings, especially because he got an out, had to sit down, and then came back out to the mound.

The hilarious bit is that Westbrook, for all his unbelievableness, doesn’t even get the win– that goes to Rafael Perez. So both Nate and Westbrook pitch what might be one of the Games of Their Lives, and it counts towards neither of their records. Nate did not deserve a loss, of course, but I reckon Westbrook deserves that win several thousand times more than Perez does. Oh, baseball stats, how charmingly flawed some of you are.

Speaking of CHARMINGLY FLAWED, how about THE OFFENSE? Nineteen men left on base is not OK. In fact, the Tigers proved very tidily that it is not OK, because there were 19 men left on and that equaled a loss. We’re lucky we didn’t get stone cold shut out in this game… one measly little run at the very end against Borowski, just enough to get us salivating and believing that maybe we stood a chance, but of course all the rallying happened in the bottom of the 10th with 2 outs already up, and there’s only so much you can do with that.

Of course, in the previous game the Racist Logos left 23 men on base. But that game was disgusting and that is not a recommended winning strategy.

Poor Nate, the guy just can’t catch a break.

Oh, wait, I almost forgot to press my specially-designed MVN Tigers blogging buttons. Here you go.

We can’t afford to lose games right now.
The division and wildcard races are too tight for anyone’s liking.
asdflkjasdlfkjasdflkj Racist Logos.

That’s just to put this already discouraging and infuriating loss in better discouraging and infuriating perspective.


11 responses to “Nate Roberston says, "Really, Jake Westbrook? Seriously?"

  1. westbrook has been pitching great for about a month now so, no, it wasn’t all that much of a surprise what he did. now, going with zeros for 8 full innings is a bit of a stretch, but i think his early season struggles were more the aberation than his recent success.

  2. Believe me, everyone here in Cleveland was thinking…”really, Nate Robertson? Seriously?”
    Like Kevin said, Westbrook has been on a roll. It took him a while due to injury that killed him the first half of the year, but I think he may be pitching ahead of Byrd in the playoffs. Yea, I said it.
    Perez is our best lefty out of the bully by the way.

  3. Yeah, I know what you guys are sayin’, and I guess his early struggles are skewing his numbers, but I look at that 1.31 WHIP and the over-4 ERA and I’m just totally underwhelmed. Yanno? Not like he’s a BAD pitcher, necessarily, but 8 scoreless innings against what is still (in my incredibly biased opinion) the best offense in baseball (by that same token, currently the most FRUSTRATING) isn’t what I was expecting to see out of him. I mean, I think Kason Gabbard might have better numbers than that… :P

  4. We threatened that whole game, while the Indians got a man on second base like once before the 10th inning.
    That’s what makes me say “Jakey, seriously?”
    What a black hole of suck, this game was. Sam, I’m thoroughly discouraged. Can you photoshop me some encouragement?

  5. Nate Robertson isn’t exactly Cy Young either buddy.
    Tribe takes 2 of 3. Scoreboard!

  6. Yeah, tiff, depending on tonight… well, actually, screw it, regardless of what they do tonight I might desperation-shop a bunch of painful smiley faces or something. We need it.
    Michael, I’m aware….
    //For cats

  7. with jake being a groundball pitcher (i think 14 of his outs were of the groundball variety) he walks a fine line. there are some days where those balls get through holes and he has a bad day. i did not watch the game, but he must have had some good defense behind him. the great thing about westbrook is that he usually keeps the tribe in the game and can occasionally pitch a gem. that’s the guy i want to see in the playoffs.

  8. and from a cleveland fan perspective about “not being able to catch a break”, check out the fact that fausto carmona has a 4-4 record since the break with a 1.80 ERA. i’m not sure how that is even possible.
    great site guys, keep up the good work and see you next series.

  9. I’m ignoring this game. So, hey, nice photo of Westbrook! Where’d you take that, in Detroit or at Fenway?

  10. Kevin, it was more like the Tigers had some terrible follow-through. Men left on base… urgh.
    PfP, it was at Fenway. This game.

  11. Ohhhh right, I remember that photo of Trot with the little kid. Good stuff, as ever.

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