taters for Virgil Vasquez

photo illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Of Jack Cust’s home run, Rod Allen said, “SICK home run, SICK.” I wholeheartedly agree with these sentiments, mainly because the home run did indeed make me feel sick. The one immediately following it did not much help matters.

I understand that all the other kinds of hits and runs that victimized VV are also bad, but those big flying taters were probably the most demoralizing for him. There’s something about seeing a ball soar up and smack into a home run territory wall… something likely to traumatize a young pitcher if he’s not careful (or even an old pitcher. See Lidge, Brad).

How is it that Marco Scutaro can two-hop a “throw” to first and still get Magglio out? Ugliest damn throw I’ve seen in ages, and it’s an out. Who does that?

When Huston Street’s pitch deflected off of Carlos’ bat and smacked into his Surgically Repaired Knee, I got panicky. Must protect players! With hugs!

Knowing the whole time that the Racist Logos had come from behind and blasted up some points and won right before this game did not help my mental state while watching it.

They made it squeaky-close in the end, but that just wasn’t enough. Not enough… I feel like I’m saying that rather a lot these days, and I don’t like it.

Then, you know, stuff happened, the game went on, and on, and I’m really frazzled and tired from move-in, and I need to get up early tomorrow for FOOTBALL, and a walk-off Athletics win was just… not what I wanted to see. You know?

Anyways. Be sure to take note of Billfer’s post here about Tigers bloggers night at the ballpark. I will be there and Matt will be there, so MVN will be gloriously represented. Billfer has some extra tickets, and if you would like to join us, contact him! Sit with Tigers bloggers! Rejoice with me as I cheerfully skip class only two weeks in!

4 responses to “taters for Virgil Vasquez

  1. ivantopumpyouup

    That game was fried pig vomit on a stick smothered in vomitsauce.
    Also Tigers Blogger Night at the Ballpark sounds oh-so-tempting . . . Sigh. Too bad I’m not exactly a Tigers blogger, and also, too bad it’s on a school night. >:\

  2. Billfer’s put it up for non-bloggers! We want readers too. And it’s a school night for me as well, AND I’m gonna hafta skip at least a discussion, possibly a discussion and lecture, to go. But I’m skipping a Women’s Studies class, so whatever, I’m spending the time bucking the paradigm of the male-dominated world of sports blogging, so they shouldn’t get TOO mad. :)
    In other words, you should come.

  3. Now, if I could only convince my mom this was a good idea I’d be in business. I need to think up a plan of attack. Er, a way to sell my mom on the idea of me going to downtown Detroit for a ballgame with people! From! The! Internetz! :O

  4. Ay, my mother had to get over the same thing. I can personally vouch for Billfer, Ian, and myself; none of us are likely to kidnap and/or defile you. I’m not sure who else is going so I’m afraid I can’t say with any certainty about the rest of ’em. :P

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