Tigers bullpen puts the game on a platter

photo illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Here you go, A’s! Here, have the game! You want it? Take it! We don’t want it anymore!

What’s that you say? Every other team that we needed to lose actually lost today, so if we win we could pick up some much-needed ground? Ha! Double ha! That is CONVENTIONAL baseball theory! We have a new plan for this year, a plan based on UNconventional thinking, which means that we lose when everyone else seems to think that we should win! This way, we take people by surprise! And we love having the element of surprise!

What? Oh, you think that by giving up this game we’re wasting a nice little offensive performance from the B-lineup, which would be a great general morale-booster for the team? Maybe so, my elephantine friend, maybe so, but we prefer to think of it as motivation to hit more runs. Loads more! Because 7 runs should never be considered a safe lead!

Let us serve you up a NICE DISH OF GAME. Yum yum!

In case you missed this one, Nate went 6 innings and gave up 2 runs. The Tigers put up 7 runs through 5 innings to back him. Then Fernando Rodney came in and gave up 3 runs over 0.1 innings, all of them on a series of agonizing-to-watch singles. Todd Jones came in to pitch the 9th with a 7-5 lead (much reduced, of course, from 7-0, but still a lead that should have been enough…) and promptly gave up a single, followed just as promptly by a two-run homer from infant catcher Kurt Suzuki. He also had a dicey wild pitch.

Bazardo gave up the winning run, but tonight’s game should never have come down to him. Jonsey is the closer, not Bazardo, and (one would assume) there’s a good reason for that.

The Racist Logos lost today, the Mariners lost today, the Yankees lost today. We HAD to win, and it looked like we were going to win. Alas, the bullpen had to have its say. It’s like they just don’t want to have to play the extra month.

(sidenote: If you want to read me being depressed about Michigan football, there you go.)


4 responses to “Tigers bullpen puts the game on a platter

  1. I was in a state of apoplexy for about two hours after that game. I actually exploded in rageful capslock on an A’s fan who dared to cross me on AIM. Ugh.
    That game was horrible. So horrible, in fact, I had to change my journal layout to the appropriately depressing image seen here.

  2. I know it’s mathematically possible – But, I think you can stick a fork in the Tigers, because they’re done!
    I also know it’s easy and fast to be critical when losing, but several key points.
    Leyland leaves pitchers in too long. I would have also gone with Rodney and Jones in those situations, but if it’s obvious that they don’t have it that day – then get them out and put someone else in. Will it hurt their feelings if they see someone warming up in the bullpin early??? They’re big boys and are supposed to be professionals. It should not bother them if someone else is warming up in the bullpin. If that’s an issue, then they shouldn’t be in the big leagues.
    On the positive side, some of the “B” team have been playing surprisingly well. I’ve been presantly surprised by Rayburn,Santigo and Perez hitting.
    Has anyone notice, but we should have never got rid of Holliman????

  3. Sigh…the team enthusiasm is down a notch or two this year and they are pressing too hard. They are a good team with too many injuries.
    We do have some obvious problems inexperienced starting pitching, just an average bullpen, and lack of offensive production at the corners.
    The interesting thing is we can get back into the wild card race with a good three game series against Seattle. It’s September and we are still in it.
    Ain’t mathematics grand?

  4. ivan, yeah, it was like I couldn’t even process it, it was so bad. Hence the short semi-coherent rant you see here.
    Jim, while I agree that some relievers were left in too long yesterday, I tend to think that Leyland was less concerned about hurting their feelings and more concerned with, well, the rest of the bullpen. If Rodney and Jones are struggling, he probably thought that nobody else would do much better. I dunno. Blargh.
    Larry, I think the first part of your comment– the bit about injuries– is the most important. I don’t think the experience level of the starters has much bearing on their recent play, nor does the enthusiasm level of the team. Injuries are the big difference between this year and last. Last year we had a lot of good luck and managed to avoid big injuries (‘cept for Maroth, and Miner stepped up there). This year we’ve had all the injuries, and it shows.

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