pug marks, Sept. 3

photo illustration by Samara Pearlstein

The glory of an offday link dump is that I don’t have to think too much to post. This is a good thing, because I am still mentally (emotionally?) recovering from the Michigan game (if indeed that’s something from which one can truly recover) and this is coloring my attitude towards the Tigers right now. I know things are not looking up even from the rosiest of standpoints, but I am probably seeing the situation as even more dire and depressing than it truly is due to my current state of mind.

It will be hard to break free of this morass, but I’ll bet many of you are suffering along with me. Hopefully the Tigers will start playing well again in an effort to, if nothing else, ease the suffering of the many thousands of near-clinically depressed Wolverines that they count among their fans.

pug mark 1
Sports Club Stats has a page calculating the Tigers’ Playoff Chances. It’s a pretty cool little piece of internet gadgetry, up to date and all that, and it includes games the Tigers care about, and how their playoff chances change based on the outcomes of those games. Much more fascinating when I am not convinced that the entire world is sadness and woe.

pug mark 2
This is a little bit old, but if you haven’t seen it yet, you really, REALLY need to. It’s a music video from High School Musical 2 called I Don’t Dance and there are a whole slew of MLB players in it, including Justin Verlander. You know how sometimes you watch something and your eyes start tearing up in sympathetic embarrassment for those involved? That’s what this video did to me the first time I watched it. Equal parts hilarious and agonizing. A definite must-see.

pug mark 3
Can I pug mark myself? A bit meta, but oh well. See, there’s this independent league team, the North Shore Spirit, that plays very close to where I live in Massachusetts (bear with me here). The last game I went to before I left for the fall was against a team called the Worcester Tornadoes. You can see all the photos from that game right here if you want to, but the pug marked point I’m making is this:

That Tornado is Omar Pena, baby brother of former Tiger Carlos Pena. I had no idea Carlos even had a brother before I went to the game and saw this kid. He looks A LOT like Carlos, and the scoreboard said he was from Haverhill, MA, which is where Carlos is from, so I immediately suspected the relation. As soon as I got home I dashed off to the magical internet, which told me that my suspicions were correct. Not a thrilling pug mark, but I got a kick out of it at the time.

pug mark 4
Curtis Granderson continues to blog away. In this August 31 entry he had this to say, in response to a question about who on the Tigers was the worst dressed:

I would have to say that Sean Casey or Mike Rabelo are the worst dressed. Casey makes designer t-shirts look bad, and loves to wear old Nike gym shoes that he got for free. Rabelo loves to wear shirts from fishing stores. It almost looks like he goes to stores, fills out a credit card application and gets a free shirt. As far as best dressed, I would have to say Marcus Thames. When he wears the free stuff from Nike he matches it up from head to toe, from the wind suit to the shoes to match.

I just have to say that I don’t think wearing one brand from head to toe exactly counts as dressing well. But I’m not too surprised that Casey and Rabelo are high on Granderson’s list of sartorial offenders (I am a little surprised that Pudge’s crazy shirts didn’t get a mention, though. Maybe that counts as good fashion among ballplayers?).

pug mark 5
If you’re wondering what the late-season call-ups are doing to the various Tigers minor league teams, look no farther than this tidy little catchall post on Take 75 North. ‘Cause MVN is your best source for minor league Tigers blogging, as always.

pug mark 6
Are you bored? Are you a big Tigers fan? Then if you’ve got some time to kill you might like to take a crack at this Tigers trivia post over at the Tigers Livejournal group. If you get frustrated, you can go right to the answers. Fun for all.


4 responses to “pug marks, Sept. 3

  1. Hahaa I should tell her the trivia post got a shout out.
    I had no idea Carlos had a baby brother either! Actually wait, I might have. I vaguely remember being amused that Carlos had a brother named Omar.
    And that I Don’t Dance video scarred me for life. Justin is the only one who managed not to horribly embarrass himself by appearing in it.

  2. My comment won’t post :(

  3. Umm. Nevermind, WordPress is playing tricks on me.

  4. Ha ha, yeah, sorry, WP tends to get a little wonky, especially at night. I think the server hates nocturnal Americans or people in non-eastern-American time zones.

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