Zach Miner saves our bullpen bacon

photo illustration by Samara Pearlstein

What, we can’t even win against the Wrong Sox now? The Wrong Sox, who are 0.018 points away from being the worst team in baseball, behind only the benighted Devil Rays? The Wrong Sox, who have a manager flipping out on the team in public expletive-laden rants (which are high comedy, I have to admit)? THOSE Wrong Sox, we can’t even win against THEM?

I am. Going to try to be. Relentlessly cheerful here. Pulling myself up by the bootstraps and all that. I’m trying out different coping tactics to deal with the Michigan loss (still).

Bondo didn’t look… OK, he didn’t look great, but he also didn’t look terrible. Three runs over 5.1 innings is not something to write home about, but the scoreless 1-2-3 first inning (again!!) very well might be. Can we put those terrible, frustrating, more or less inexplicable days behind us? Are we really out of dangerous first inning waters when it comes to Bondo and pitching? Have lessons truly been learned? I do not know. I can only hope.

Zach Miner, now, THERE was a pitching performance, and talk about saving our bullpen bacon. There were 3.2 innings left in the game, and he pitched them all, and pitched them brilliantly while he was at it, possibly just to remind us again that he can in fact start. I don’t know. I understand that we needed the room in the rotation, but it just seems to me like the constant long/short outing bouncing of Miner this year has more hurt than helped him. A martyr for the Tigerian cause? Only if we WIN.

Anyways, he most assuredly saved the aforementioned bullpen bacon, because cat knows how many pitchers we would have gone through in those almost-4 innings if he hadn’t stepped up. And the very last thing we want to do is give the bullpen more excuses for dropping future games.

The pitching stepped it up and did the best with what they were given. So, of course, this means that the offense fell flat on its collective face. No no, OPTIMISTIC! HAPPY! CHEER AND GLORY! Bacon! Zach Miner! Whee!!


6 responses to “Zach Miner saves our bullpen bacon

  1. I was there, and they did not win.
    I’m not sure what else I can do, save for not watch all together.
    They will go 17-7 the rest of the way! I do believe! Rally caps for the season, engage!

  2. The only redeeming part of that game is that picture of Zach hucking some smoked deliciousness. Gotta laugh to keep from crying.

  3. Mmm…bacon.

  4. He’s got a helluva grip on that there bacon. Clearly a veteran of bacon-pitching.

  5. I think it’s his expression, as he hurls the strip of bacon, that makes this picture truly wonderful. Excellent choice, ma’am.

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