Chad Durbin revives the pimp

photo illustration by Samara Pearlstein

I know, I know, Durbin only went 5 innings. But they were 5 PIMP innings, and it has been far too long since we properly acknowledged Chad Durbin’s pimpness around here. Sure, he gave up a pair of doubles and a couple singles, but no runs! And that’s the important bit.

Seventy-eight pitches for someone who’s been tugged between starting and relieving all year is pretty darn good. The poor guy’s been getting mixed messages: we want him to throw short and hard! no, long and steady! no, some weird combination of both! Given all that, he’s remained relatively pimp– which, if you’ve forgotten, means that he’s been startlingly competent for a guy who was supposed to be nothing more than a doorstop of a pitcher in the rotation.

Also pimp today (but not pimp enough to have their own tags): Jason Grilli, Brandon Inge, Sean Casey, Placido Polanco.

OK, OK, maybe Grilli isn’t exactly what anyone would call ‘pimp’, but 2 scoreless innings is all we could ever ask from him. Brandon Inge, continuing to suddenly be able to connect with the baseball, had a bunch of glorious hits, including a home run and a key non-hit that moved the winning run over to third in the bottom of the 9th inning. Sean Casey hit the RBI single that tied the game up. Polanco won it. All of this against the cane toad.

Not AT ALL pimp today: Fernando Rodney. You all know my feelings on all things Fernando, so no explanations needed, but jeez, if we had lost that game…..

9 responses to “Chad Durbin revives the pimp

  1. Pimp Durbin always slays me man.
    And since I just got this notice in my inbox: Happy birthday!

  2. Chad Durbin was doing his thing yesterday, so he deserves that pimp suit. Oh yah, I rode one of those shrink-wrapped “Tigers Live” buses yesterday with your boy Inge on it. I only had to take it to the mall near my house to catch another bus to where I needed to go.

  3. My absolute first thought upon Durbin’s exit yesterday was to look forward to Chad in a pimp suit of some kind.
    And if the definition of “pimp” is “… startlingly competent for a guy who was supposed to be nothing more than a doorstop of a pitcher…”, then Jason Grilli deserves a pimp suit. He’s actually been very good for about 2 weeks now. If he puts up another inning or 2 in relief of someone other than Durbin, might I suggest a Grilli pimp graphic?
    And don’t tell me you missed this one: “short and hard! no, long and steady!”, when in a post discussing Durbin’s pimp-itude…

  4. oh Jeff… eek.. yea she said that. In this post.
    What’s up with Inge all of a sudden? Did he write “don’t think have fun” under his brim too? I’m not complaining…
    Fernando is a little shaky since being spectacular. Put him on the DL, quick!

  5. Thanks ivan! Technically it’s tomorrow, but I’m celebrating tonight, in anticipation of more football depression on the actual date.
    Lauren, I hope you took photos! A Brandon Inge bus… sort of a contradiction in terms…
    Jeff, awesome, I have poisoned your mind. :) We’ll see what Mr. Grilli does. And this time the gloriously innuendo-ful phrase was intentional, yes. Hee.
    tiff, hey, if Inge wants to take hitting lessons from Curtis Granderson, I wouldn’t complain. Maybe then the both of them can take some lessons from Polanco on how to avoid striking out…

  6. The Tigers have mishandled Durbin this year. They pulled him from the rotation at a time when he was in a groove, and then used him episodically in long relief and as a spot starter. He has made a valuable contribution this season.

  7. best pimp photo of Durbin ever

  8. Agreed re: Durbin’s handling.
    And I’m glad that everyone was as happy to see Mr. Durbin re-pimped as I was. And thank cats so many pimp outfits involve tiger or zebra stripes… makes my work so much easier. :)

  9. My personal fave was the one with Mike Sweeney as his ho. It was… ho-larious?!?!

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