photo illustration by Samara Pearlstein

It’s baseball. You never know what’s gonna happen in baseball…. We do everything together and we’re gonna win the game.

That was Magglio, after batting in the walk-off run.

Bow down before the majestic flowing locks of Magglio Ordonez, for he is mighty, and he is a hero.

How do you describe that game? Halladay was amazing. He probably “deserved” to win. The Tigers ended up winning at the last possible moment; with two outs in the bottom of the 9th they got 5 hits, 2 for RBI, the last of which won the game. Is this representative of how Halladay had pitched for 8.2 innings? No. Do the standings care about that? No. Today, that works for me.

Halladay had been SO dominant. It seemed impossible that we would win this game. Terrible things kept happening too, it just didn’t feel like we had enough for this.

For instance, Pudge leaving with ‘dizziness’…. you KNOW it must have been bad, because he came out of the game with nary a whisper of complaint, which is VERY unlike Pudge. According to Leyland he “hadn’t been feeling well and had been taking some medication.” Hadn’t been feeling well in what sense? Taking what kind of medication? As usual, it is not for us to know.

Dizziness is a little worrying, because it could be nothing much (dehydration or a bad sandwich or something), or it could be an indicator of some horrifically bad brain issue. Pudge was upright and talking to FSN after the game, so hopefully it’s not too debilitating.

I’m not sure what this means for tomorrow’s double-header. I would assume that they’d WANT to sit him, because you don’t mess with dizziness and brainz, but they can’t exactly have Rabelo catch both games, and if Pudge feels at all better he’s going to make a nuisance of himself until they put him back in the lineup regardless of what any pencil-necked doctor-types might say.

Also leaving the game was Joel Zumaya, who spent some time peering at his finger in a worried way as he came off the mound, causing everyone watching to FREAK THE HECK OUT. Not to fear: he didn’t destroy any tendons. He did, however, “pull back the nail” on his index finger. This is obviously 1000x better than his previous injury, but it’ll probably still keep him out for a bit… he can’t very well pitch with a busted-up fingernail even if he wants to. Bad timing? The worst.

DESPITE all of this, the game was won. Why? How? MAGGLIO. Not only did he slam in the winning run, he also went 4-for-5 on the day overall, with a double, a run scored, and 2 RBI. I don’t give a flying cowpat about ARod’s home runs: Magglio is the MVP.

Oh, and more from the good news/bad news department: Bondo’s MRI showed no structural damage on his elbow, just a lot of inflammation. The good news is that he doesn’t have a snapped tendon or something. The bad news is that even inflammation might be reason enough to shut him down for the rest of this season. Kenny had better be solidly back…

Remember, tomorrow is Tigers Bloggers at the Ballpark Night! We’ll be up in the pavilion somewhere for the night game, and hopefully it will be awesome.


9 responses to “MAGG-LI-OOOOOOO!

  1. i think my heart stopped when zumaya came out.
    and then it stopped again when we won. this team. gawwwd. i think i love them alllmost as much as the ’06 team, ’cause if this one makes it in – dude. i’ll die.
    wish i could be at the blogger night at the ballpark! alas i will be trapped in astronomy >:[
    also poor roy halladay on the bench, looking all emo? alternately made my night and made me want to cuddle him.

  2. Oh man, yeah, Halladay looked like someone had just torn out his own liver and eaten it right in front of him. Hard to not feel for him after that performance, but boy did we need this one.
    Pshah, astronomy? Weak! :P

  3. I think if they rest Bondo for the rest of the season hopefully he will be able to pitch in the post season

  4. I don’t know, we’re talking about less than 20 games here. The “rest of the season” is no longer what it once was.
    And the post season? Are we trading him to Boston?

  5. Halladay pitched well, but he did give up eleven hits so I’m not going to send him a “Sorry About Your Luck” card.

  6. I think finally, FINALLY, the baseball gods have forgiven us for whatever grievance we did in the past. Because we were seriously supposed to lose that game. Eeee!

  7. Doesn’t matter, you are still finished. Tigers will be watching teams like Cleveland and LA whoop it up in the playoffs while they are caterwauling in the corner looking for help for next year.

  8. Ever heard the death roar of a Tiger? Just wait. It’s coming.

  9. Kevin, hopefully they’ll need him for that…
    Adam, hey now, mathematics states that we still have a shot!
    Matt, well…. yeah. He was absolutely shutting down jammed-up bases all day, though.
    tiff, maybe someone made appropriate sacrifices, all Scott Proctor burning his baseball glove style.
    Nick, considering the amount of young talent on the Tigers, especially with pitchers, I highly doubt they’re going to be begging for too much help for next year. Some position players, namely catcher, need to be looked at pretty hard, but even if they don’t make the playoffs they’re still in a damn good position for future seasons– a position that a lot of teams would kill to be in right now.

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