Tigers flounder without bloggers, play great with bloggers present

photo by Samara Pearlstein

Is your team struggling? Have they looked lackluster at the plate?

If so, you need TIGERS BLOGGERS! A wonderful restorative, TIGERS BLOGGERS will cure what ails you, especially if what ails you is a 13-6 loss. The mere presence of TIGERS BLOGGERS in the ballpark will cause your team to:

–Unnerve the opposing starting pitcher!
–Gently coax success from your starting pitcher!
–Steal a load of bases!
–Break opposing batters’ bats!
–Overcome extreme dizziness to go 3-for-4 on the day!
–Keep the opposing team from hitting anything but loads of singles!
–Have an easy 9th inning in spite of the rollercoaster nature of your closer!

A team with TIGERS BLOGGERS present in person is a team of winners. Obviously. If we’d been able to be at the ballpark for BOTH games, imagine the heights of baseball glory to which the Tigers might have risen!

I of course took a load of photos; you can consider this one here a preview. I still have to finish uploading the photos from the Oregon game (sigh), but I’ll try to get these up as quick as I can, and I’ll have more to say about the game and my awesome fellow bloggers when I get the photos online.

15 responses to “Tigers flounder without bloggers, play great with bloggers present

  1. Jurjens really knows how to pitch-if he can stay healthy I think he will be in the rotation next year.

  2. Yeah, his location was pretty great last night.

  3. another great stadium shot, Sam! You should do a series.
    Jurrjens gets my vote, if only because his name is ridiculously fun to say, and Jim Price said it about fifty different ways last night. I would like to see how JJ responds after getting knocked around a bit (it happens to the best of us, kid) (as if I’m a pitcher?) but still, great stuff, great compsure. And only 21!!!

  4. I realize you were probably pressed for time, but Jason Grilli was pretty pimp-tacular last night…

  5. tiff, we had GREAT skies last night. Actually, we did last year too. Obviously Comerica wants bloggers to see it at its very best.
    I think it’s supposed to be Jy-ear Juhrr-jenz, but I could be wrong. And only 21… oy. I’M OLD!
    Jeff, you are dead right, we were all kinds of impressed at the ballpark. Fear not, Mr. Grilli will get his due in the proper post. I was falling asleep when I wrote this one. :P

  6. Is that my giant melon in the foreground? By the hammer of Thor. I’m surprised you were able to get anything else in the photo.

  7. I demand photos of all my fellow bloggers doing “research”! The Wolverines can wait :P
    And your pronounciation guide to Jair Jurrjens seems spot on to me.

  8. Oh hey, what a surprise! One of the people a couple rows down is standing up in this picture!
    I love beer as much as the next guy…and the next guy is Gary Moeller…but why would you pay $15 bucks to go to a game that you saw intermittently between beer runs? Go to the local bar. That $15 bucks should get you a few extra drinks, if nothing else.

  9. […] Samara doesn’t have photos yet, but promises them soon. There’s been no real blog postings about it yet, but I’m sure we’ll get something soon. […]

  10. Justin Verlander is the MLB Power Hurler of the week.
    Find out why on http://www.mvn.com/rankings

  11. Matt, I don’t know how you saw around my head. Even though you were sitting behind me.
    And I was all about making hot dog runs. Anything to keep a moron who wore a t-shirt and shorts in 60-degree weather warm…

  12. Sorry, I meant to say Matt was sitting IN FRONT of me.
    Now is that joke funny?

  13. Not really, but thanks for playing :P

  14. We’ll just take it that Ian is a huge Polanco fan (and has some secret desire to see the Tigers trade for Kevin Mench as well).

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