Comerica officially survives second blogger invasion

Roar of the Tigers and Take 75 North, spreading the MVN gospel far and wide

Even typing the title makes me smile to remember the good old days… walking through the streets of Detroit wondering if Ian will ever see his car again after handing the keys over to a stranger… making fools of ourselves as we loudly and slowly file into our section (Tigers bloggers getting into a block of seats at the ballpark is sort of like trying to stuff a burlap sack full of squirming, biting ferrets)… realizing sometime after the top of the first that there was already a Tigers blogger there who didn’t introduce himself right away, possibly out of fear, and we may have since traumatized him…making ‘good-natured’ fun of Jason Grilli…

Ah, yes. Tigers Bloggers Night at the ballpark. The good old days. Or, you know, a couple days ago. Time flies when you’re editing big batches of photos on a collegiate schedule.

The photo up top there is a true marvel: your MVN big league Tigers blogger and your MVN minor league Tigers blogger, together in real-space. Is your mind blown yet? The distorted bits of the shot are due to the fact that it was taken with a wide angle lens, not because our concomitance was warping the fabric of the universe…. although MAYBE IT WAS.

Matt is the one who got to the park with his wife before the rest of us, and thus was in the section already when we arrived, yammering and clambering over seats. It was not until the bottom of the first or somewhere in the second inning that he turned and said, “So, um, you guys are the bloggers, right?” When it became clear who he was I am pretty sure I said something along the lines of, “MVN REPRESENT!”, which he more or less ignored, again, possibly out of fear. Sorry, Matt, but you had to learn the truth some time: I am pretty much this crazy in person. The main difference is that, in person (and especially at a ballgame), I swear more.

Of course it didn’t help that, in anticipation of a long night, I had significantly more caffeine than usual during the day.

The final attendance tally was me; Bill (Detroit Tigers Weblog), whom I still and probably forever must think of as “Billfer”; Ian (Bless You Boys), who was my ride and therefore had to deal with me for longer than anyone else did; Brian (Beyond Box Scores and Big Ten Hardball), whom I know mostly in a Wolverine capacity; Matt (Take 75 North) and his surely extremely tolerant wife; Eric (Dtown Baseball), who I think spoke to me once or twice the entire time and was probably scared for his life; Josh (occasionally the Daily Fungo), whom I will probably always now think of as Green Lantern due to his sweatshirt; Josh’s friend whose name I heard and immediately forgot because I’m skilled that way; and Tigers blog reader Cindy.

I’m serious when I say that I think the crew from last year (me, Billfer, Ian, and Brian) was loud and crazy enough to frighten everyone else. I’m not even sure how to describe it except to say that there was a terrible series of innuendos surrounding Billfer’s cell phone, which is so technologically advanced that it is no longer actually a cell phone and instead deserves to be called a data pod. The data pod can do amazing things, like access the internet so that Billfer can check blogs and reply to comments and basically never be away from his baby for more than a few minutes at a time.

Don’t interrupt Billfer when he’s using his data pod!

There was at one point a lot of confusion because I was, of course, scoreboard-watching the Red Sox game, and the Comerica out-of-town scoreboard was having some major issues. It initially showed Curt Schilling starting, then coming out of the game, then coming back into the game, then going out again, causing us (or at least me) vast soul-searching confusion. We asked the data pod, but the data pod was also confused by the game. Turns out that Schilling wasn’t pitching at all, and it was actually a Wakefield start. What was going on with the Comerica scoreboard? Was someone drunk? We may never know.

Sitting out by left field gave us some pretty good Timo views. Normal circumstances would say that this is no big deal, but Timo Perez is not holding to normal circumstances these days. It’s hard for me because I keep thinking of Neifi!!! when I hear “Perez”, which is totally unfair to Timo but is sadly unavoidable.

The seats were also pretty good for looking into the bullpen, which was quite nice; none of my “usual” seats at Fenway give me bullpen views, and the Wolverines don’t really have proper bullpens (although maybe they will this season, what with all the renovations at the Fish and all). It’s hard to remember how incredibly bored the guys in the bullpen must sometimes get until you get to watch them fart around for much of a game.

And, as usual, I dorked out over various atmospheric ballpark phenomena, such as

The way the Fox Theater sign lights up, and

the sun hitting off of contrails but not the surrounding clouds due to MAGICAL ANGLES, and

greenery. You know, things of that nature.

All the photos can be seen here, for further Comerica and Tigers blogger glory. Thrilling stuff.

So, clearly I fail at getting this online in a timely fashion. Free time I thought I would have did not materialize. Of tonight’s actual game I will say, yay, and holy freaking cats Pudge with an RBI walk!, and also, boo Yankees. Boo Red Sox for letting the Yankees do boo-worthy things. But yay Tigers. All we can do is take care of our own business, so that’s what we just have to keep on doing… frustrating though it may be.


7 responses to “Comerica officially survives second blogger invasion

  1. and of course, i was snoozing my way through astronomy. drat! maybe next season.

  2. 90% of the games I go to (which is a lot of them) I sit in the first row behind the Tigers’ bullpen… it’s a pretty hilarious place to sit, even though you’re about a mile from home plate. (When I sit anywhere else it’s about fifteen rows behind the plate, and the difference in view is staggering.)
    All the same, the bullpen guys are awesome.

  3. Sounds like Comerica Park enjoyed the presence of TigerBloggers :-) I was at that Day game on 9/11, so we just missed each other.

  4. I would love to sit by the bullpen, I hear they are really hamming it up. What’s up with Minnesota’s bullpens being like, ON THE FIELD? That’s so distracting. Build a wall, metrodome!
    Great pics, as I flickr-d you earlier.

  5. ivan, seriously, missin’ out.
    Katie, yeah, see, my seats at Fenway are a little to the third base side of home… great views for everything EXCEPT the bullpen. :P Not that I’m complaining, mind you. I just don’t get to watch bullpen shenanigans all that often.
    Lauren, yeah, it’s too bad we couldn’t have coordinated that.
    tiff, Minnesota and Oakland… well, both of them are getting new ballparks soon, maybe they’ll splurge and get themselves some real bullpens while they’re at it.

  6. and real dugouts, too!

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