the finger of blame points at Joel Zumaya

photo illustration by Samara Pearlstein

I blame Zumaya. I mean, I don’t want to have to blame the kid. Why play the blame game at all? Possibly because I AM BUT A FAN AND I REQUIRE AN OUTLET FOR MY AWESOME RAGE.

Rage isn’t even the proper word. I’m pretty sure rage doesn’t include things like resignation, and sadness, and neurotic concern, and exhaustion… ‘though that last is just an artifact of my schedule, so I guess you can discount that one.

You can’t blame Miner. The poor guy pitched 2.1 innings and got stuck with the loss because stupid Casey Blake was stupid in his stupid Casey Blake face. That’s not rational and reasoned baseball analysis but a Casey Blake walkoff in the middle of a kind of last-ditch playoff push deserves nothing of the sort.

If Miner was more inconsistent than he was this game, even that would be understandable. He, like Durbin, has bounced around between the starting and relieving worlds so much that it’s a wonder he can even stand upright on the mound without wobbling.

Zoom? Zoom has no excuse. Sure, it was just a bad game. But this time of year, there are no “JUST BAD GAMES”. There are games so bad that you want to tear out your own hair and the hair of everyone involved in the game… and there are games that are pretty good. THIS WAS THE FORMER SORT OF GAME.

At least Kenny looked good? At least we’ve got that going for us?


9 responses to “the finger of blame points at Joel Zumaya

  1. Why Why Why leave Miner in so long. Cleveland went with their closer and set up man. I think we go with Rodney and Jones and we’re still playing. I love JL but for this game I think the finger goes to him.

  2. aw dude, he looks so sad, ahahahaaa. you have shamed him. i also hate that you’re getting quite the workout with this “unmitigated disaster” tag.
    ivantopumpyouup (9:39:25 PM): i’d like to throw things at zumaya. or jhonny peralta.
    catslash (9:40:25 PM): Throw Peralta at Zumaya.
    catslash (9:40:43 PM): Or Zumaya at Peralta. That would do more damage.
    ivantopumpyouup (9:43:37 PM): yeah. and we don’t want to hurt zumaya. again.
    catslash (9:44:57 PM): No plz.
    this game was a lot of boo! and ARRRGH! they need to utterly CRUSH the indians tomorrow to make up for the disappointment of tonight’s game. i demand retribution.
    also with that illustration, i wanna say you used part of his chin – thing to construct his emo eyebrows. y/n? :p

  3. I have to admit that there was a note on that Leyland didn’t want to put Rodney in because it would be his 3rd appearance in 4 days, but it was OK to use Zumaya in the 3rd straight game for the first time in his career? WTF? I understand leaving Jonesy for the potential save, especially since he was coming off of 3 straight appearances, but Jimmy… We’re in Cleveland to win, not to save the bullpen for next week.

  4. I had to turn this game off for my sanity and because i was preparing for life and other things in my life besides baseball, but it still hurts. mostly because of casey blake and the asfkdjlgadk;; INDIANS. I mean, I guess I didn’t expect to sweep them, but I also didn’t want a walk off home run in 11 innings to be our fate.

  5. It’s hard to not blame Leyland. But what were his options? Fernando seems more of an injury risk than Zoom if overused… if nothing else, Zoom is young and should have a more elastic arm when pitching in short spurts. Everyone else is a serious drop-off in talent. Leyland probably just put Zoom out there as his best bet at the moment…and it didn’t work, ’cause Zoom had a bad game, which wouldn’t be much of a big deal in May but is a real big deal now.

  6. I meant after Miner had looked pretty shaky for 2 innings, maybe put Rodney in then.

  7. I was wondering why we didn’t go with Miner instead of Zoom in the first place… 3 games in a row with Zumaya was just asking for what happened. He just can’t go out there that often.
    This game felt like it broke my Tiger spirit… there is very little left to cling to and after being up then blowing it like that, well it’s hard to keep hoping for the postseason after watching that game. As much as I have been delaying it today was the first time I’ve seriously started thinking about offseason moves and thinking about what could have been this year.
    Maybe we can roll off another big win streak and the Yankees will get cold… but gosh after a game like that it’s hard to imagine.

  8. I thought Kenny was pitching just fine. Leyland should have left him in.

  9. eric, I think Leyland really, reeeeaaaallly wanted to avoid using Rodney and Jones again, because they’ve both been getting a lot of work lately. Say he used them, and then it came down to bullpen use in the next game and they were both too tired to go? It’s a no-win situation.
    ivan, well, the ‘unmitigated disaster’ tag is the general ‘loss’ tag… which tells you that I must have made the tag system either while the Tigers were losing or in anticipation of certain Tigers loss, because it would take that sort of mindset. SIGH. I do very much agree with letting Zoom crush the hell out of some Indians, though.
    Jeff, I would guess that Zoom has a more ‘elastic’ arm than Rodney right now, at least in the eyes of his manager. They both have pretty high-effort deliveries, but Fernando is both older and much smaller-framed than Zoom, so his delivery puts a lot more pressure on his body.
    tiff, yeah. It’s not just that it was a loss, it’s that it was an extra-innings, walk-off, totally avoidable loss.
    Paul, I vote that someone spikes the Yankee postgame spread with tainted shellfish. Then it’s only up to the Tigers to make up the difference!
    Jules, it’s so hard to say. Seven innings for an old dude who’s had tons of arm problems this season… I don’t think Leyland wanted to push his luck and risk putting Kenny out of commission yet again. And he was bringing in Zoom… that should have been enough, y’know?

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