Nate Robertson experiences tragedy

photo illustration by Samara Pearlstein

Poor, poor Nate. Sure, he had problems early on, and threw approximately 7,843 pitches in the first three innings. It was his bravery and fortitude that allowed him to carry on, and despite all of his struggles he still managed to go 7 innings without giving up more than a singular run.

This is a pitcher who has OVERCOME! So why does Nate still clutch his Tiger-orange tragedy mask? Well, we still lost the game.

Why did we still lose the game? Because while Nate displayed evidence of guts and grit and heart and other such adjectives generally applied to undersized infielders, the Twins displayed evidence of a ridiculously good pitching staff in the form of a shut-out. Eeep.

I mean, I understand that we’re in a place where a single additional Yankee win (or a single additional Tigers loss) ends our playoffs hopes– MATHEMATICALLY– for this season. And I understand how very, very likely it is that the Yanks win at least one more game, and/or the Tigers lose at least one more. Therefore I understand that the season is pretty much a lost cause…

…but it would be nice to go out with a bang, y’know? Teeth bared, claws extended, stripes a-blazin’, all that. I would rather not quietly whimper out of the season with hard-fought games that end with 10,347 men left on base and no runs scored. That is not going out with your stripes a-blazin’. That’s going out like a freakin’ puma: NO STRIPES AT ALL.

Definitely tragic. Poor Nate: doomed to a sad end in the tragedy engineered for him by a conspiracy of Tigers bats and Twins arms.

If this post is incoherent, apologies. It is in the mid-80s here (which is TOO HOT), and my body perversely decided that this meant it was time to come down with a cold, so I am doubly out of it and miserable right now. Which is not, as you might have guessed, exactly conducive to blogging.


3 responses to “Nate Robertson experiences tragedy

  1. I watched the game last night and I did see the tragedy…but I didn’t see that mask.

  2. I do truly feel bad for Nate this season. He’s gotten a lot of non-decisions or losses when he has been brill but gotten zero run support.

  3. Talk about hard luck.

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