hope springs eternal (or at least Timo Perez does)

photo illustration by Samara Pearlstein

The last time I gave Timo Perez his due, it was paired up with some Inge-joy, so I think it’s high time to give Timo his own recognition for a Job Well Done. Gold star for you, Timo!

Timo has looked good– nay, great– out here lately. He knows how to play defense, sometimes spectacularly, and he can sure handle a bat, even if it results in way more doubles than home runs. He doesn’t seem to get rattled at the plate, which I fully admit was one of those fuzzy ‘feelings’ you get about a player just from watching him in some games, but the dude is hitting .415/.455/.573! Yes, that’s only in 82 at-bats, and yes, that batting average/on base percentage differential would be way too small if he was hitting in the .200s, but still, those are some shiny numbers! He always seems to get the good RBI… I’m struggling to not say ‘clutch’ here, but YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN WINK WINK NUDGE NUDGE.

Perhaps most importantly of all, he’s a Perez who is mercifully not Neifi!!… ‘though I still confuse the two in my mind all the time. Infinite apologies to Timo.

Last night he went 2-for-4 with a double, a run scored and an RBI. I was all set to be happy and impressed by him even if we lost the game but happily that sort of dogged optimism wasn’t necessary.

The Tigs came out on top in large part thanks to Magglio, who, while playing with pain, still managed to spank Twins pitching to the tune of 3 RBI, including a 2-run homer. Ichiro went 2-for-6 with no RBI last night and is batting .350… Maggs is batting .359. There’s Eau de Batting Title in the air, and I think Maggs can smell it.

Because the Rays won last night (thank you Rays!! See, I’m so pleased with your performance that I’m not even making fun of your name change), the Tigers are still MATHEMATICALLY SPEAKING in this thing. It’s sudden death, though: as I said yesterday, if the Yankees win a single game, OR if the Tigers lose a single game, that’s that. It’s pleasant to prolong the ‘hopeful’ bit of the season as long as we can, but since the Yankees finish up the season against the Orioles, I don’t think we can really hold out TOO much hope. But y’know what they say… hope springs eternal….


2 responses to “hope springs eternal (or at least Timo Perez does)

  1. boing, boing, boing.

  2. Fly, Timo, fly! Or rather: sproing, Timo, sproing! Sproing to victory!

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